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Jan 31, 2007 12:05 PM

Best Gumbo in LA/OC in bulk?

My office is having a New Orleans themed party in a few weeks and I've been put in charge of getting Gumbo. We need about 3 gallons of it. My office is in Santa Ana but I go up to LA all the time and don't mind driving if the quality is worth it.

My first thought was the Gumbo Pot in the Fairfax Farmers Market. They quoted me $45 per gallon. I remember it tasting not to bad but thought I should check with the hounds first.


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  1. Many may not agree, but I always thought the Gumbo Pot is pretty good. But lately I've been going to Bayou Grille, 1400 N. La Brea, Inglewood, 310-673-0824. I'm sure they can make a large batch for you. Mmmmmm. Now I can't remember what the Gumbo Pot one tastes like.
    There's always Harold & Belle's, but that'll cost a small fortune.

    1. I'd say give the Gumbo Shack on Market in Inglewood a call. It's about on par with the defunct Stevie's place on Crenshaw, good file gumbo in both seafood and non-seafood versions. I thought the Bayou Grille was at best okay, and the Gumbo Pot...ugh, bad value and mediocre/bland.

      1. uncle darrow's file gumbo is pretty good. it's at the corner of lincoln bvd and washington.

        1. The Creole Chef in Inglewood is also very good. I've had it and it's great. They got oyster poboy's there too...
          I've heard good things about the Bayou Grill.

          Harold and Belle's would definately cost you a small fortune. I thought the gumbo was very good but too expensive.

          1. Any thoughts about New Orleans Fish Market?

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              Okay I suppose; their stuffed crab is great I think.

              You might also try La Louiseanne on Slauson and Overhille, used to be pretty good gumb but I haven't been in a while.

              I also agree Harold and Belle is near the top but also over the top as far as cost.