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Jan 31, 2007 12:05 PM

williamsburg dinner

Ok, so my boyfriend and I are watching top chef in williamsburg tonight at a friend's house, but we want get a bite to eat first. What are your favorite places?

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  1. DuMont Burger all the way. The DuMac and Cheese is so perfect--nice al dente noodles, classic creamy bechamel and tons of crispy cheese on top. Everytime we're in the nabe, my boyfriend and I get that and one burger to split, and we always leave with delicious leftovers (it's really a ton of food). The burger is excellent, too. Great meat, beautifully seasoned, yummy brioche bun. Just ask for it rarer than you'd actually like--they have a tendency to overcook a bit, which is my only knock on the place. It's on Bedford at S.2nd or S.3rd.

    1. I second DuMont Burger. Their fish sandwich is unbelievable. Everytime I go, I get this sandwich, while my SO gets the burger. The sandwich is made with perfectly-seasoned skate, and is also served on the brioche. I usually get salad instead of fries, and the vinaigrette is delicious.

      1. I would go to Marlow & Sons given the connection to this season's Top Chef.

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          I third Dumont Burger. I've only been to Marlow & Sons once but I had a terrible experience. First, they forgot my entree. Altogether. When they finally brought me my poached salmon, it was so rare it might as well have been sushi. Maybe it was just the perfect storm of bad dining but I wasn't impressed.

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            What is the connection of which you are referring?

            1. re: noodles

              One of the chefs (eliminated earlier):

              "Josie Smith-Malave, 31, is the sous chef at Marlow and Sons in New York City. She was trained at the Art Institute of New York City. She is a former member of the NY Sharks women's professional football team and plans to be just as aggressive in the kitchen as she is on the field".