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Jan 31, 2007 11:43 AM


I'm going to Ansill tomorrow night for a fun birthday dinner. Does any one have suggestions for ordering?

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  1. Everything I had there was amazing... be adventurous and you can't go wrong... Venison tartare, wild boar prociutto, and the marrow crostini were my favorites.

    1. Urbanfabric is right, Ansill is fantastic and you basically can't miss no matter what you order. I love the shirred eggs and fingerling potatoes. The osso bucco sandwich is great too.

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        Ansill. It's so hot right now. My wife and I have gone there twice within a 15h period (dinner then brunch), we like it so much.

        Get a cheese plate, in addition to all the dishes recommended so far.

      2. i think a few of the items change somewhat seasonally... but when i was there in oct we loved it except for one thing - their grilled scallions. at this point in the meal we figured that we'd had quite a bit of meat and opted for some vegetation and received scallions soaking in oil and a touch mushy, sent it back of course.

        didn't find the dessert to be anything special though.

        looooooved this italian blue (not a gorgonzola) they had that evening and have been trying to find it since.

        shirred eggs were probably the order again and again and again dish.

        1. don't pass up the pork bellies. Sinfully delicious. You will think about them for days.

          1. Pork belly was fantastic (the accompanying spaetzle is perfect...browned just right) and the sauce will temp you to lick the bowl. Eggs with smoked trout and creme fraiche is an excellent dish and makes you wonder why you don't make it for yourself at home- it's so simple but so satisfying. I loved the chocolate pain de genes and didn't expect to be so wowed by it. The vanilla lime sauce is an amazing compliment to the cake, which is actually decadently rich. And the panna cotta is how panna cotta should be. Great wine and smart, professional advice from the bartender. Enjoy!