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Jan 31, 2007 11:17 AM

Regional Restaurants in Madrid

We'll be visiting our son in Madrid for a week mid month, followed by a road trip of another week to Andalucia. I'd love reccommendations for non- touristy opportunities to sample good Spanish regional cuisine-Basque, Galician, Castillan, Catalonyan,etc.- regions we don't have time to visit- while in Madrid. We'll no doubt be entertaining some of his college classmates, so resonably priced places are a big plus too! Thanks!

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  1. Wow, this could go on forever.
    Due to the fact that until recently Madrid was THE magnet for the provinces there are many many options for regional food in Madrd. Some ideas are,
    Asturiano (Fabada Y Cidra Y cabrales and I mean cabrales w/everything) try la Burbuja Que Rie, Carlos Tartiere i nBarrio Retiro, Sidera La Camocha (as per Simon M).
    Gallego: High end fish: Combarro (and have their "house" Albarino Valdemor (it's great and I haven't ever seen it in the US), Casa d'A Troya (1 star Michelein, but I thought Combaro was better if not fancier), Orixe on Cava Baja.
    Vasco/basque: Taberna Dantxai, Donde Marion and many others.
    Murciano, El Ventorrillo (just off santa Anna I think, and as far as I know the only place from Murcia in Madrid), known for rice dishes.

    Don't forget, for a "snack" any of the Museo del Jamons for a plate of Jabuego/pata negra ham.

    Other ideas are ,Pulpo a la gallega, empanadas to go @ Tahona bakery (different from the S American style we get in the US)..

    For more info, search and look for posts by Simon M (the king of Spain) and Butterfly (the Queen).

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      Thanks so much! ...much more than a week's eating. How about casual eating ideas for the college students we'll be entertaining?

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        Great suggestions...
        I'd add "Julian de Tolosa" for Navarran. And make sure to get the peppers.