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Provisions for heroes in Astoria/Woodside/LIC/Sunnysid

I'm looking to make heroes for the Super Bowl. Can anyone suggest a great place to buy assorted cold cuts in Astoria/Woodside/LIC/Sunnyside, as well as a source for hero rolls?
I'd usually go to the Sandwich King of Astoria to get this stuff pre-made, but I think a do-it-yourself set-up would work better for the crowd we're hosting on Sunday. Who's got the best stuff in the area?

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  1. I would go to Sorriso on 30th Ave and maybe buy the bread across the street at Gian Piero although they may supply Sorriso. I have no idea..

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      Not to sound like an echo but I would totally second Sorriso. They have everything you need for Super Bowl goodness, everything from the standard Boars Head stuff to homemade soppressata to imported prosciuttos and salumi. Their cheese selection is almost as impressive and their homemade mozzarella is outstanding. I've even spotted burrata there on occasion.

    2. Is the Karl Ehmer store still at 60 th street and Woodside blvd.?
      If it is, thats where I'd buy my coldcuts. I love their stuff. They make a Tongue Salad that is really great.

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        No, there is no Karl Ehmer in Woodside. Just Ridgewood and Glendale in NYC.

      2. Well, a third for Sorriso, obviously - especially their house-made soppressata and beautifully fresh ricotta.

        But I also really like Dave & Tony's Salumeria at 35th Street and 30th Ave. Their prices on a number of Italian imports are lower than Sorriso's. They have the cheapest price I've found so far on my lunchtime obsession, Callipo yellowfin tuna in olive oil. They have some secret source of ring-shaped brick oven bread that is right on when it is fresh - the florist around the corner claims it's from some neighbourhood guy with a hidden brick oven in the backyard. True? I have no idea. The crust is perfect, though.

        1. Thanks, perfect, I'll do a 30th ave run on Sunday.

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            Just pointing out that they are both probably closed on Sunday. Not sure but just my guess...

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              Dave & Tony's Salumeria is open Sunday 8am until 1 or 2 pm. Not sure about Sorriso's.

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                Sorriso is open 8am - 2pm on Sundays, but I think they probably are open later this Sunday due to the Super Bowl.

          2. Sorriso makes fantastic fresh mozzarella, and their sundried tomatoes are excellent as well.

            1. Go across the street from Sorriso for bread.

              1. Thanks for the Sorriso tip, as well as the bakery across the street for bread.
                Bakery first: Before 9am on Sunday it was pretty packed. Pastries and cookies looked good but I ended up with a square-ish white loaf and 5 semolino hero rolls for... $3.75. All of it was top-notch.
                Sorriso, it reminds me of a few other places scattered about in Astoria and this an excellent example of the type. Supremely garlic-y focaccia. The above-mentioned sopressata. Lovely homemade turkey breast. The great sun-drieds, the decent mozz (I got the salted and I think I should try the unsalted next time, to compare). Just a ton of homemade options to choose from... I'll be back. For a Sunnyside Gardens guy with a car, the fact that it's East of Steinway and South of Astoria Boulevard, it's practically in my hood. A 5 minute drive that I'll make in the future; it's a shame nothing in either Sunnyside or Woodside really compares, in terms of Italian delis.

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                  Marc, have you been to Lavarone bros. in Maspeth? For italian deli stuff, I shop at Sapori d'Ischia. They have best prices on dried sausages. You can also mozz di buffala and other imports. Also Ottomanelli has good fresh mozz. if you need some quick.

                2. I've been meaning to check out Lavarone. Not quite as close as Sorriso, but I've heard good things. I hit Sapori now and then and Ottomanelli too. I actually thought on Sunday that if I had more foresight I would have augmented what I bought at Sorriso with some more stuff from Sapori.

                  BTW, the prices at Sorriso, I found them quite reasonable. About $35 for a ton of stuff. I'll be working through leftovers through much of the week (prosciutto with my eggs this morning, yum).

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                    Just to clear things up it's Iavarone not Lavarone.

                  2. They're also RIDICULOUSLY friendly! So pleasant to deal with there... I don't know if this is an italian thing, but both this place and Mama's in Corona offered to let me take my food and pay the "next time you're in here" when I found myself low on cash. I found a cash machine nearby (Sorriso's was inoperative at the time) and the next time I was in there was 40 seconds later, but I'm always impressed at the generosity of just offering that. It makes me a customer for life. The prepared-ish steaks are nice, too.

                    They're a wonderful, wonderful place. And a little italian cheesecake across the street at Gian Piero is nice, too!

                    1. Yeah, meant to mention, the service at Sorriso was indeed really super. 3 or 4 guys behind the counter at 8:45 on a Sunday chatting customers up, and dishing out the goods. I asked about a corned beef they were offering and the guy nicely switched me off of it as "a little dry." I'll be back.

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                        Hello, ive been working at sorrisos for 8 years now and i appreciate all the compliments that we are recieving. Thank you