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Jan 31, 2007 10:51 AM

Thornhill or Richmond Hill: Any New Restaurants?

I don't know much about the restaurants in Thornhill and Richmond Hill. We'll be taking out a friend who lives near Hwy 7, and who's probably tried every restaurant in the area. She doesn't like to stray too far from home, and we'd like to surprise her with a decent, new restaurant.

Does such a place exist in the cities above Toronto?

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  1. What kind of cuisine might she be interested in?

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    1. re: Chester Eleganté

      She's a very adventurous eater, Chester. Anything and everything, any price range.

      1. re: FlavoursGal

        FG - check out the posting on Ngau Kee @ First Markham below. Quality seafood, Cantonese style. Have to try that tenderloin as well.

        On a semi-related note, I'm completely with you on Sofra Grill. Top of the charts stuff. I'm kinda busy at the moment but I'll make more mention of it later on.

        1. re: Chester Eleganté

          I generally agree that it's good, but I prefer the hummus on its own. They offer it with hot mushrooms. I tried it once and the mushrooms took away from the great tasting hummus and I didn't think the warm mushrooms and room temp hummus went well together.

          1. re: pescatarian

            Hah..back to the hummus debate again. I don't know what you're referring to here, because I've only ever had it there plain, not with no hot mushrooms. I speak moreso to the falafel, though.

            Love the roti at Restoran Malaysia.

            There's actually a pretty interesting new place at 360 Hwy 7 E., tucked in next to Fisherman's Delight. It's called Café Serene, and there's this sweet lady there who runs the whole place by herself (it's pretty tiny in there though). Anyway, the specialty there is the Heidelberg smoked pork hock -- you can either get the entire 2lb. hock on rice for $12.99 or have a few slices shaved onto a bowl of pretty tasty ramen for $3.99. Your meal also comes with both a choice of tea and a dessert (either cheesecake or a wicked little rice pudding). It's a great deal. The menu is pretty interesting -- it's this mix and match of all sorts of items like sandwiches, salads, little chicken pies, mango pudding, various teas and coffees, etc. I think there's a set of eight or ten different types of cheesecakes that she sells for under six bucks as well. Do try the pork hock.

            1. re: pescatarian

              So how does the Sofra Grill compare to all the other Israeli restaurants in the area? I've become partial to Me Va Me express, most of the time the shawarma is good, sometimes great. Now only if the Israeli places would start carrying the purple turnips and labneh (c'mon the food isn't really kosher, most of us would let it slide) :)

              1. re: jonnybee

                I'm a dip person myself and I think that the dips at Sofra are better than Me Va Me, although I enjoy Me Va Me's. My favourite dips are still at Tov Li. The falafels are definitely better at Sofra and Tov Li. I haven't had the shawarma at Sofra. Tov Li wouldn't have it because it's all dairy. Their garlic pizza is good. I am pretty sure that Tov Li has purple turnips. I could swear I just had some from there.

                1. re: jonnybee

                  The shawarma ANYWHERE in Ontario is only mediocre,since the essential ingredient--the lamb tail fat (liya) is forbidden for some funny ministry of health regulation

                  1. re: junior35

                    Sofra Grill (Dufferin & Rutherford) serves the best Israeli food I've had in Toronto. The menus in these restaurants tend to be carbon copies of each other, and Sofra's menu is no different. It seems to me that the dips (with the exception of the very sweet tomatoey eggplant dip) are a cut above those at MeVaMe, and the falafel is just about the lightest and crispiest, as well as the most flavourful, I've ever had. Tov Li's falafel does not come close, in my opinion.

                    As for the chicken shawarma, it's quite juicy and nicely seasoned. The beef shawarma, however, is best avoided; it's quite dry and tasteless.

                    It's a very casual place, nothing fancy, but the food really was good when we were there shortly after it opened, about 3 months ago.

                    Now, if we could only get the Turkish-born owner to put some Turkish food on the menu, it would be even more interesting.

        2. I don't know of anything new, but I would love to hear about some new ones as I am up there a lot. I like Sweet Basil at Major Mackenzie and Bayview, but it is not new, and while the food is good, the service is VERY, VERY slow. If you ever go there, I suggest ordering an appetizer as soon as you sit down. You might not see them again for awhile.
          I have had take out from the thai food restaurant in the plaza at Laureleaf and Bayview (next to Longo's). I don't remember all the dishes, but I remember a beef dish I had there being very good. I don't know what it's like inside though.

          I think that area is in dire need of some new good chowish restaurants though!

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          1. re: pescatarian

            FYI - the Thai place is Coco Urban Thai, 7355 Bayview.
            Haven't eaten there so can't vouch for it. Must be about 2 or 3 years old now...

          2. Well if they are into healthy eating may I suggest Fire and Ice on Hwy 7 one block west of Woodbine. Its not new but the food is delicious fresh healthy and not to expensive. For something a little more galamorous with a nice ambence The Brixx would be fabulous choice. Food is wonderful there especially the mixed salad with goat cheese. bon apetite'

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            1. re: Mr.D

              I respectfully disagree re Fire and Ice - not my cup of tea and not chowish IMHO.
              I've never been to Brixx so can't comment.

              1. re: pescatarian

                I agree a poor imitation of Hot pot rest. that are in the area

              2. re: Mr.D

                I just checked out the Brix website, and they have a new sister restaurant called Nava. Have you tried it?

                1. re: FlavoursGal

                  No I have not but I certainly will look into it. Do you happen to know where they are located?

                  1. re: Mr.D

                    Around Bathurst and 7, but anywhere in Thornhill/Richmond Hill would be fine.

                    1. re: Mr.D

                      I believe they are in the East Beaver Creek plaza where Rocky Mountain High used to be - I haven't been, but I seem to recall someone on here having a successful private function there several months ago.

                2. Kenny Gourmet on the northside of Major Mac, west of Leslie. They opened up about 6 months ago. Good Chinese food.Not really "new" as this is a sister restaurant of about 3.5 other restaurants with almost identical menus. The .5 is for a "Thai" place at Woodbine/Apple Creek that has many Chinese items among the Thai selections.

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                  1. it depends on what you're looking for. Traditional french/western fine dining, probably not the best area. Only thing I can think of that fits the bill is Terra on Yonge.

                    However, if your friend likes asian food, then Richmond Hill is pretty much the mecca. If you know her preferences, I'm sure we can help you narrow it down more.

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                    1. re: aser

                      aser, I'd prefer something that's opened in the past six months or so. Any ideas?

                      1. re: FlavoursGal

                        does newly renovated count?

                        Restoran Malaysia on Bayview & Major Mack has gone through an entire facelift. The food is still outstanding as usual and the ambience has been bumped up a notch. It's been talked about much on here as the de facto Malaysian spot in the city.


                        1. re: aser

                          Oh, sounds great. I love Malaysian. Have you been to Matahari Grill? If so, how does it compare?

                          1. re: FlavoursGal

                            Better, food and value wise. Do a search if interested, there has been quite a few posts on Restoran Malaysia (get the spelling right, heh).

                            Their signature is their roti.