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Jan 31, 2007 10:49 AM

Maison Akira Brunch Buffet?

Any info? How is it? It LOOKS awesome online, and I'm thinking of going sometime soon.

Gimme input!

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    1. It's very good. There's not the sheer quantity or variety of food that a large hotel buffet would have but the quality of food that they have is excellent. Also, because it's a mid-size restaurant and not a hotel, you don' t have the crowds all jostling through the line, so the atmosphere is wonderfully peaceful.

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      1. re: sidwich

        I agree... I was a bit dispointed with the small selection though... It's nice for a get together brunch, not a stuff your face one... :)


      2. I actually got an a la carte brunch there (a bento box of 4 different items, plus 2 courses preceding) ~ and that was quite filling (and slightly cheaper). But the buffet spread looked great, albeit a bit small and cramped.