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Jan 31, 2007 10:35 AM

Lunch Bay & Wellesley Area

I'll be at the Ministry buildings tomorrow (Bay & Wellesley) and a group of us will be looking for a lunch destination within walking distance. We'd be willing to walk about 10-15 minutes either direction.
Looking for a spot with lunch mains between $10-15. Open to all food options.

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  1. Try 5th Elementt, on Bay north of Wellesley ..They have a special Prx fixe $15 for lunch that I am meaning to try..haven't been there yet and would appreciate a post or reply if you do go?

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      I've not dined at 5th Elementt, just taken a look at the place. Not terribly inviting in appearance if you're looking for elegance.

    2. Was just around there today and there's a nondescript Japanese place just a smidge east of Yonge on the south side of Wellesley.

      Had beef noodles, came in a wonderfully actually hot bowl so the soup was warm through the whole meal and the beef was shaved very thinly but was of good quality. Broth was a little flat in the salty taste but it was good (not great). Was 5.99$.

      Seemed like a nice enough place, staff were nice and it's a very conducive atmosphere for single-person dining.

      Also I've heard good things about Gourmet Food by Frances at 24 Wellesley St W. Which is precisely where you are - I'm not sure if they have sitting room but they're supposed to have some very delicious pre-cooked meals. I haven't been there before.

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        That Japanese place is Sushi Garden and is serviceable. It has been written up before, e.g.


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          I find it WAY more than serviceable. I LOVE sushi garden. Honestly the best beef teriyaki I have ever had, and also some of the best tempura I have ever had. Their sushi is serviceable, I've had better, but it's still good, and combined with the other stuff it makes for a great lunch. hmmmm. now I'm craving it...

        1. I haven't tried it but have been meaning too, what about Fire On the East Side? It seems like the kind of place that has menu items to cater to everyone (always a challenge when we get a big office lunch going).