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Jan 31, 2007 10:24 AM

Central Park Cafe, Pasadena

Mrs. O took me out for my b-day last night (66, yikes!), and after looking for threads about bistros and the like I stumbled over one that reminded me about this place, which we had not gotten around to trying. We corrected that oversight, and are now damned glad we did; I'd been thinking about Bizou just because of things like sand dabs, and they are in our price range, but Central Park hit all these marks and did it better.

The man on the phone had said we'd need no reservation, but for a rainy Tuesday night the place was pretty busy. We got a table in the area near the front window, menus and wine list right away, recital of specials shortly thereafter. The flatiron steak leaped right out at me, as I'd never had one. Mrs. O had meant to have sand dabs, but the special of sole with grapes sounded too good, so she asked for that. Although she does not drink wine as a rule, there was a Spanish bubbly on the list, and we were celebrating here, so she asked for that. I requested a glass of the zinfandel. There was a gap here because the waiter had to go find the Spanish stuff, but he finally located some - it came in its own itty bitty bottle, maybe 6 oz. or so, which was about what I got, too. Not the most generous pour I've ever had, but what seems to be the standard nowadays. The bread was a too-soft but tasty kind of focaccia, served with a small dish of tapenade in warm oil that was very nice.

The steak was a marvel - maybe eight slices of precisely rare meat, in a perfectly-prepared reduction of wine and butter that tasted of nothing else, but only added to the lovely beefiness. This was laid over a very good gratin of potatoes in cream and gruyere. There were some extremely crunchy little green beans and carrots alongside, underdone even for Mr. Crisp here, but the flavors were good, and heaven knows with that melting steak my teeth needed something to do! The sole (called "Piccata" on the menu, but Escoffier says with grapes it's Veronique, so there) was a nice big piece of very good fish, and though I found the sweet edge a little odd its recipient loved it. Then we had to get a dessert, which was some kind of ice cream with white chocolate chunks and raspberry syrup (I think) that was insanely rich and pretty wonderful. I had maybe four spoonfuls and gladly let Mrs. O have all the rest. She was pleased with it, and also with the tab, which with her quite generous tip came to about $62. Merci, Tania...

Oh, and I must add that if you want to go here on a week night you need to make an early night of it - the manager came to the front window and turned off the sign at 8:55! What is it with Pasadena, anyway?

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  1. Great review! I frequent this place as I work in the area and golf on the weekends in Altadena. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the extremely crunchy vegetables - they seemed a little undercooked to me, too. For a price-to-quality ratio, I'm very happy with this place. Agree that the bread should be improved. Happy Birthday! Just don't retire from chowhound....

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      Ha! In case you haven't guessed, I've retired INTO Chowhound!

      So the crunchy veges weren't a fluke, but a habit? That's something they should probably address. Al dente is pleasant, at least to me, but raw in the middle is not particularly, and a bit hard to eat besides.

      And by the way, I should have mentioned that the goo left on both our plates was so good we shamelessly used that puffy bread to mop it all up. Just hope I have the fortitude to order something different next visit...

      1. re: Will Owen

        I have the menu sitting right in front of me.... The tomato stack (caprese salad) is pretty good. Short ribs are tasty, but small. Grilled chicken caprese sandwich is excellent and the accompanying broccoli salad is better than it sounds. Had the dagwood burger once - it's ok. My co-worker had the calamari spinach salad and swears it's one of the best things she's had there, but I'm not much of a calamari guy.

        For breakfast, I think the ham & eggs are great.

    2. Hi Will - Happy Belated Birthday! We went for lunch last week and we ordered the coconut shrimp appetizer which was phenomenal (the best part of the meal, I'd say!). Four HUGE coconut shrimp served with a sweet sauce - maybe ginger something (wish I had a menu in front of me). My sandwich was pretty forgettable and my friend's salad had to be taken to go because she asked for extra dressing (and neglected to taste it before dumping it on her salad) which turned out to be buffalo wing sauce and the replacement took a long time to arrive. I would go back for those shrimp, though!! Service was okay, but I am starting to see a trend with waiters not writing down orders and I am not liking it very much. There always seem to be mistakes made when orders are not written down.

      1. You should really check out central park cafe again if you haven't been for awhile. I have been there three times already. They have a new chef in town since your last visit. Service has been phenomenal all three times! Their wine list and pairing is a must try. Their specials of the day are quite tasty. I would recommend the crab tower salad and stuffed chicken.The short ribs was also deliciously cooked. No more hard veggies! It's perfectly cooked now in all entrees! My waitress wrote down my order so no mistakes. Their pricing is fair and I love the free parking factor. Awesome atmostphere w/delicious food. I came out happy all three times. =)

        1. Honestly, this is the best eatery compared to all the rest in Pasadena, hands down! Not only did the food complete my experience...the whole ambience, service, and the welcoming environment! Not to mention, the service were incredibily friendly, the people that were around you were too! can tell, a lot of the locals go here. I'm sure they don't want to be around places where it's over-rated and crowed. Don't get me wrong, this place gets crowed itself and you'll need to make an appt before going on the weekends, but it's not as bad as waiting half an hour at cheesecake factory! And to top it off,having food that are award can't ask for more! Definitely a worth trying place to eat. Trust me, from someone that gives obscene critiques, this place is definitely worth it!

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          1. re: kaylov3

            Really? The best in all of Pasadena? Interesting. What awards have their food won?

            1. re: WildSwede

              My two cents - I've eaten there once but it was very good and worth a return trip. I think the thumbs up from fellow CH'ers is worth more than any award - I'd place a lot more reliance on what the folks on this board have to say.

              1. re: WildSwede

                Lot of the dishes tastes "award winning"..I didn't mean that literally. Let me phrase that again...More like deserves an award...!
                And yes, in my opinion, it's the best restaurant in Pasadena. The combination of everything, this including the service, food, from the appetizer, salad, entree, to the dessert. The total feel to it was so different from what you're used to dining in Pasadena. I really felt like this place was definitely outside the norm...
                They get my seal of approval because it really was an intimate dining experience like no other.

                1. re: WildSwede

                  They just received the prestigious "James Beard Pasadena Restaurant Named Central Park Award"

              2. Well, the in-laws have offered a belated-birthday dinner at a place of my choosing, and I chose to do it AGAIN at Central Park, this time with both Mrs. O and her parents. Friday evening. I will bring a camera this time...

                BTW, when I called last night to make the reservation, the person on the phone insisted that the place is not called Central Park Cafe, as I had read, but simply Central Park. I guess "Cafe" sounded too downmarket to them.