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Jan 31, 2007 10:22 AM

Best Brooklyn dinner spot near Fort Greene

Schlepping over to Brooklyn in search of the best dinner spot that can rival Manhattan's better restos in terms of quality but not it's price meaning: more reasonably priced. Interested in going to a sit down place that the Brooklynites can consider one of there best. I have only been to 3 Brooklyn spots and like them in this order: Henry's End, 360 and Thomas Biesl. It doesn't necessarily need to be in Fort Greene but it would be great if it's not beyond a 30 minutes drive from there. Not interested in anything Asian.

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  1. The Garden on Prospect Pl and Vanderbilt and Aliseo at 635 on Vanderbilt between Park Place and Prospect Place and Beast on the corner of Bergen and Vanderbilt. And Amorina Pizza near the corner of Vanderbilt and Prospect.

    1. I believe the name is The Garden Cafe.

      It ain't cheap, but I love The Grocery on Smith Street.

      1. Al di La on 5th and Carrol in Park Slope. 5-10 min drive, but AMAZING.

        1. The only restaurant in Ft. Greene which I would say rivals "Manhattan's Best" would probably be Ici. If you're looking for something more quick and casual, Smoke Joint (BBQ) has been receiving a lot of praise (I like it). I agree with A Di La, it is amazing(but not in Ft. Greene). I also really like Olea in Ft. Greene.

          1. Well, you have good taste. Henry's End is my favorite restaurant, especially in the price range. However, there are others that you should try: al di la is the #1 destination place in my book and, as others have said, its in the Slope, less than 30 minutes from Ft. Greene. Also in the Slope are Tempo (a bit more than H.End and al di la, but very good), Applewood and Convivium -- all are excellent. On Smith St, even closer to Ft Greene, is Chestnut. On Tues/Wed its the best deal in NYC at $25pre-fixe for just about anything on the menu (2 entrees carry a $5 addition). Great wine list too. On other nights, its the same price range as Applewood, etc and I think just as good.

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                I haven't been there in quite awhile so I'm not comfortable judging but my 2 or 3 dinners there (none in the past year) weren't anything I'd recommend. Nice enough place but the food just didnt do it for me. I like Saul more but you'll notice I didnt list it either. Much better food, I like the room but, again, nothing I'm running back to after 6 or so visits. I may be wrong about this one (or so my friends tell me).

                Henry's End, on the other hand, was great again last night. Turtle soup and honey ginger duck for me, turtle soup and blackened shell steak for Ginny. All good. And al di la this past Thursday was similarly great. Tripe app. and rabbit over polenta entree were both tasty and hearty for the winter. And I always forget that the price point there is so absurdly low. What a bargain for this quality.

                1. re: Steve R

                  I haven't been to Al di la but, that's one place that I definitely want to check-out if not for it's no reservation policy. My friend planning our next Brooklyn trip is leaning towards going to the Grocery that's why I wanted to know more about it...Saul was an option too but, he has already been there so, wanted to go to some place new. In the meanwhile, where checking out ICI enroute to going to a friends party there. My friends haven't been to Henry's End and I have only been once 6 years, maybe it's time for a return visit...I've never had turtle soup and love game.

                  1. re: nyufoodie

                    If you do go to al di la (which you should) note that the website is not accurate-they open at 5:30 on Saturday, 5:00 on Sunday and 6:00 during the week (closed Tuesday.)

                  2. re: Steve R

                    I'll second Steve's assessment of Henry's End as great last night. Among the things we had were turtle soup (amazing!), wild salmon, steak, chicken special--and all were excellent. One of the few restaurants where we have trouble deciding what to order because there are so many appealing options.