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Jan 31, 2007 10:21 AM

Best Omekase Sushi Experience

Who serves up the best Omekase Sushi Experience in San Francisco? I'd like to treat myself soon to a first-class sushi meal and I'm willing to spend up to $100 on the the sushi alone. I was considering Kiss, and although I've read rave reviews, I'm not positive that's what I'm looking for. I really want super high quality nigiri and sashimi. I love cuisine, but for this meal I really don't want anything cooked.

Here's a list of potential places I've amassed:

Kiss Seafood

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  1. I would take Takara off my list. I like some of their cooked food, but I've never been big fan of their sushi. Tekka has good sushi but is not really a high end place. It's more of a homey mom and pop kind of place. I am sure that Kiss would be able to put together the nigiri/sashimi omekase you are looking for. Their sushi is first rate.

    If you are looking willing to accept a less than traditional Japanese sushi dinner, then I would recommend Zushi Puzzle on Lombard. Roger carries a great selection of fish. Anything from the board should be good, but my personal favoriate is the live scallop.

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      I'm ok with a "less than traditonal Japanese sushi dinner" as long as a good portion of it is somewhat traditional.

    2. Ino is about the best sushi in SF (though I'm finally trying Sebo tonight.) Kiss is nothing more than a mom/pop shop. if i were you, i'd save $250 and take a trip to Urasawa in LA - will be 3x better than anything in this city.

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        please do report back on sebo! like brian j, i'm looking to splurge on an all sushi omakase and can't decide where my savings would be best spent.

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          Please elaborate on "Urasawa in LA" in relation to what you've experienced here. Please note some of your favorites in the 3x worse category. It's good to have a benchmark.

        2. I'd recommend Ino or Zushi Puzzle. I've only been to Sebo once, and I did not enjoy it as much as those two.

          1. went to sebo tonight - pretty good for a predominately sushi meal. priced appropriately at $125/person or so. i put it side by side w/ Ino (though i haven't been in 1-2 years) in terms of ingredient quality. i was disappointed there was a lack of any cooked dishes.

            would i recommend it for a blow-out experience? if you're limiting yourself to SF, yes, especially if you put the emphasis on sushi. is it the best rice in the world? no. best nigiri? no. is it pretty good? yep. better than kiss? absolutely.

            1. What types of fish did they have last night? Anything exciting? How's the toro, uni, and selection of whitefish? Thanks...

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                nothing particularly exciting - just a solid line-up. the seared saba was my favorite; the toro was buttery but it lacked any intense taste; same w/ the uni - smooth but lacking that sweet ocean brininess.

                nevertheless, i've found a moderately-priced sushi option for the city.