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Jan 31, 2007 10:21 AM

St. V Day Massacre Party help?

I'm having a St. Valentine's Day Massacre potluck and Masquerade in a couple of weeks, for which I'll be making a Maryland-style crab boil (because seafood, I think, is appropriately lusty, and 'Crab Boil' has the kind of grossly lecherous ring I'm looking for with this event).

I'd also like to serve some kind of Prohibition cocktail, maybe a punch to keep things easy with a crowd, and I'd love any suggestions. I would like to use gin (though not of the bathtub variety), and ideally, I'd like to use as few different types of alcohol as possible, to keep the cost reasonable.

Any suggestions?

Any other ideas for suitably sexy / dangerous side dishes to keep with the theme?

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  1. If you can get you hands on some of the drink recipes from Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco (many of which can be found elsewhere, too), that would be a good place to start., specifically The cucumber gimlet and Cracked Thumb (gin, lemon oil, elderflower syrup, mint) are nice. The Communist (Plymouth Gin, Cherry Heering, orange and lemon juice ) (I think orange bitters, actually) is not my cup of tea, but others like it.

    1. I'm not a huge gin fan, but I like it this way:

      Infuse some good gin with sliced ginger. Server over ginger ale and ice, with a lime.

      Gin and ginger root is a really good combo.

      1. The ginger / ginger ale recipe sounds great! I imagine it'll work really well as a punch. Any suggestions for types of fruit to freeze for ice cubes? Limes and maraschinos?

        1. Try Gin and Maraschino liquor ( luxardo)Mix gin and luxardo in a cocktail shacker add ice shake well strain into a martini glass add a marachino cherry. It an old drink called the Aviation. A few of those a you will be flying.