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Jan 31, 2007 10:17 AM

Best food bets, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen

Delighted to report that we just bought a place in Pinehurst to satisfy our golf craving now and god willing during retirement. H is a meat-and-potatoes type; my Acadian streak loves southern fare. Any good, cheap (saving pennies to remodel) local places you can recommend? Thank you.

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    1. I'm meeting my mom in Southern Pines/Aberdeen area for lunch this weekend and was wondering where to eat. I didn't find much already posted on the South board, so I thought I'd try asking again. There are lots of chain restaurants there, but I wouldn't mind a pointer to something good from recent, first hand experience...

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        There's not much, honestly. The Squire's Pub in Southern Pines is okay for meat and potatoes, nothing special, and if you look a day under 55 they'll check your ID.

        There's also a Thai place nearby. It's standard fare. I think it's called Thai Orchid???

        Last but not least, a decent Mexican place in Aberdeen, as in the heart of Aberdeen. A real local dive, but the food's good.

        Sorry, can't remember the names of these places, I'm usually with my no-good horsey friends and we don't pay attention to details!

      2. I posted a similar query, here are the results:
        Hope this helps!

        1. i grew up in pinehurst. we always went to the village deli in pinehurst. i always loved their quiche. dugan's is a fun pub. and ive heard great things about the Mexican place in aberdeen.

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          1. Hands down, best lunch in Pinehurst area is Nina's in Olmstead Village. Leans toward Italian at dinner but I often find myself choosing their wonderful seafood bisque for lunch, either by itself or with half a sandwich. Shrimp salad is also incredible and it's one of the only places I know where the food police let you order a burger rare. Great service. Honest food. Closed Sunday and Monday. And they only serve lunch during the week.

            We always try and schedule Pinehurst visits when they're open.

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              thanks for the recommendation on nina's. sandwiches and salads on lunch menu. great seafood bisque.

              we also went to ashten's in downtown southern pines for dinner. they try to source locally (also a finalist for best dish nc competition) great cane creek flat iron steak.

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                195 Restaurant in S. Pines - American fusion - a hidden gem.

                Elliot's on Linden is excellent.

                Sunday Brunch at the Pinehurst Hotel is legendary. The entire area- in particular restaurant traffic - has been pulverized by the Great Recession. Golf-related, expense -account tourism drives the local economy. (along with retirees)