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Jan 31, 2007 10:09 AM

Pastry Bags

Does anyone know where to buy pastry bags in LA?

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  1. Most cooking stores (like Sur La Table) will carry them, but your most economical bet would be to go to a restaurant supply store like Star in Van Nuys. While you're there, make sure to load up on baking sheet pans as they're cheap cheap cheap!

    1. Do you think places like Williams Sonoma have them too? I live in Echo Park and work in Hollywood so I'm looking for a place around there.

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        I didn't see any on Star's website but Sur La Table sells them really cheap, around $4, but the tips are expensive. I guess the best deal I've found so far is at Williams Sonoma where the bag with 6 tips cost only $10. Not bad eh?

        1. re: trock

          I would call Star to make sure. That being said, the bag plus 6 tips for $10 isn't bad.

      2. Surfas. Everything can be had at surfas

        1. Janes Cakes and Chocolates in Montrose has them (and anything else you need to decorate pastries). If you're in Echo Park it's about 10 mins from you up the 2 fwy.

          1. Just make them yourself: parchment paper and scotch tape. That's the method we used in my cake class. Cut a piece of square parchment paper diagonally in half to form two triangles (two pastry bags). Form the triangle into a cone, tape the seam, cut out just enough at the point to fit your decorating tip, fill, and fold the pachment at the top. Nice and disposable.

            For small jobs, you can use a zip lock bag. Fill the bag, snip off a corner and pipe, or snip off more and use a tip.