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Jan 31, 2007 10:09 AM

Best Canned Tomatoes

What do you think is the best brand of canned tomatoes? I like to make my own tomato sauce, and wonder what you consider the best barnd to use.
I know a lot of people like Muir Glen, and San Marzano, so are those the brands of choice? Also,any thoughts of Whole Foods brand (365)?

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  1. those are my brands of choice...esp Muir Glen "fire roasted"
    never tried whole foods 365

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    1. re: pitu

      I prefer the Muir Glen fire roasted too.

      1. re: pitu

        We use 365 regularly, and just get the Muir Glen "fire roasted" when they're on sale and we have a good coupon.

      2. i really like muir glen, especially because you can get them totally plain -- without basil, which is in most italian brands. but i'd say san marzano's are the best actual tomatoes. all that said, i buy the 365's most often, cauce i'm a penny-pincher!

        the main difference between american and italian brands is the addition of citric acid in the american brands, including glen muir. i don't mind it but some do.

        1. San Marzano is not a brand of tomato, it's a type of tomato named after the region in Italy where they are grown.

          1. San Marzano is a region, not brand, so there are lots of brands of tomatoes boasting the fact that they're San Marzano tomatoes--I agree these are best for sauces, they're distinctly brighter in color and make a thicker, bolder in flavor sauce.

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            1. re: Not Eating Out in New York

              San Marzano is also a brand although I believe they are grown and packed out of Cali.


              1. re: mkel34

                "San Marzano" denotes both a protected designation of origin and a variety of tomato. The very thing that makes them so special is the volcanic soil they are grown in in Italy. If not grown there, they aren't real San Marzanos.

                The California grown "San Marzano" tomatoes are, IMHO, a rip off and a fraud. The name is protected only in Europe which allows them to use it here and deceive people.

                Check out the customer reviews for the tomatoes in the link you posted.


                1. re: C. Hamster

                  I didn't say that I use them or they were great, I just said that the brand existed.

                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    From one of the reviews in Amazon:

                    "After opening the can, I instantly saw that these can not be real San Marzano tomatoes - San Marzanos are long and thin and bittersweet (once you tried them, you will be able to tell), these are spherical and sweet and sour. "

                  2. re: mkel34

                    In the fine print it says San Marzano "tyoe or style"

                    1. re: mkel34

                      It says "grown domestically in the USA" at the bottom right of the tomato.

                  3. I like the Red Pack with jalepenos. They have just the right amount of spicyness.

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                    1. re: MrBigTime

                      Wow, I grew up on red pack, and I didn't even know that product existed. I'm gonna have to find/try it.