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Feel like a virgin

What Seattle-area restaurant (doesn't have to be Seattle) are you most eager to try for the first time? What's got it at the top of your short list?

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  1. Cremant. While it looks old school in terms of menu, old school often tastes really, really good. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get there next month.

    1. Elemental - everything I have heard sounds great. I'm not sure why I haven't managed to get there yet.

      1. Coupage-all the reviews have sounded great, and they have a dish with sweetbreads that sounds fantastic!

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          Coupage and I just had our first date (blush). I didn't see the sweetbreads on the menu, but the braised short rib on chestnut polenta was outstanding, and the $28 short rib and foie gras "burger" has redefined the burger for me. We'll definitely see each other again.

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            When we were there, the sweetbreads were part of the "chef's salad". Isn't that burger fantastic?

            1. re: Lauren

              I had the burger as well and thought it was fantastic. In fact everything we ate was great. Coupage is a must try IMO.

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                The "burger" was revelatory. Sort of a platonic ideal of a burger.

          2. Steelhead Diner. I think it will be a great addition to the Market.

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              Any updates on opening date? They didn't answer the phone last night.

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                On another board, I read that they were open to friend and family last week. Maybe it will be open for the rest of us this week!

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                  They're open now. We almost went for brunch this morning but were stopped cold by the prices; we love brunch, but $17 for an omelette is really pushing it in my book. That's dinner money.

            2. Elemental - Quirky suits me and that is its attraction.
              Le Goumand is near my house, and I've never been there.
              There is a whole list of what sound like winners, but I either just haven't gotten around to it or am waiting for somebody to offer to pay the bill:
              Zoe, Etta's, Lola, Dahlia, Boat Street, Marjorie, 727 Pine, Brasa, Oceanaire, Nell's

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                727 Pine is long gone and replaced by Ruth's Chris, so you can cross that off your list, and replace it with Veil, Shannon Galusha's place on Queen Anne.

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                  Thank you. I see I also missed au buchon...

              2. This post to some extent inspired me to make a list of the restaurants I want to try. It's a long list! Probably at the top, though, is Tavolata.

                1. Heard about Tavolata on Valentine's Day from our server at Mistral, who is leaving rainy Seattle for Santa Monica sun (wimp) He couldn't say enough good things...traditional Italian from various regions, good wine list, great service...can't wait to try it. Anyone been??

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                    I went two nights ago. Here's the short blurb I wrote about it on a blog: Ethan Stowell's new gig; all Italian with family-style dining; great fresh pastas and a rotating menu; most dishes priced under $15; good cheap wines; food served until 1 am. We had linguine carbonara, a ricotta gnocchi with cauliflower and olives, and a fried polenta and octopus salad appetizer. Recommended.

                    I should add, the portions are enormous and intended to be shared. I enjoyed it.

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                      My post on Tavolata created a torrent of BS that the moderator deleted. No, I didn't love it. But I did love my dinner at Union enough to give Ethan's new place a second chance, soon. Try it and report back to us all.

                    2. Mikes chili ballard, Pecos pit, and that guy with the smoker that drives around pioneer square/ downtown, Beth's for the late night

                      1. Harvest Vine is on my short list of place I've yet to go. It's been a staple in Madison Valley for years and I worked for several years with an associate of the owner, also a restaurant owner. I've never heard a bad thing about the place, it's just that I can't seem to get there. Elemental is next on my short list. The owners visited my restaurant once and told me that not only do they have great food, but they go out of their way to make sure you get plenty of drink in your blood. Next would have to be Steelhead Diner, in the place that Vivanda used to occupy in the Pike Place Market. They've got upmarket comfort food = I"m down!!! 4th is La Spiga Osteria, they moved from a strip mall joint on Broadway to some sexy new digs on 12th. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it, the first time, but I see a lot of changes and the new environment looks great. 5th has got to be Crave, on 12th also, where I've almost gone at least a dozen times, but have yet to actually get to. Not sure why.

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                          Love love love Crave.

                          It was on my list for a while and I just made it last week. The duck confit and gnocchi were both mmmm.

                        2. i hear rumers of some faboo cuban sandwiches somewhere in the seattle area. i am hunting them down, and plan to try them asap.

                          mrnelso, the Dahlia is great! give it a go. the lamb is delicious, and they give good bread! the service was friendly and accomodating.

                          lake girl, give tavolata a go, you must form your own opinion,but be wary, complaints or critisism may not be taken well.

                          leper, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cremente. aside from rather snooty door service that went right with the tacky decore', i can only say lovely things about the food at cremente. we had snails, flank steak, veal, french onion soup (i have dreams about that lovely soup), and some rice dish that made me quiver. wonderful bordeaux, and this extremely rich liquid chocolate dessert thingy that was a lovely finishing touch. i will happily suffer that decore and door strangness for that wonderful food, anytime!! everything we tried, we loved.

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                            Princess, perhaps the rice dish at Cremant was the blanquette de veau (braised veal w/ rice and cream in pot)? Great winter dish although they have raised the price.

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                              Midnight Cuban sandwich at Paseo, on Fremont about 43rd, is a pulled pork sandwich, spiced as only Lorenzo Lorenzo can do, and true, faboo. And thanks for the nudge to Dahlia.

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                                Yes, princess, the pork at Paseo....don't forget to bring an extra stomach.

                                1. re: TruDiner

                                  yes, paseos. i have been there several times now. i have eaten those pork sandwiches. they are a religous experience in your mouth. seriously, your mouth sees god.

                              2. Oh Gawd, Paseo! So drippy and delicious. Beyond the Midnight Press, I recommend the scallop sandwich.

                                Anyway, I really want to try Sitka & Spruce.