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Jan 31, 2007 09:44 AM

Entertaining A Teenager

My girlfriend's 15 year old cousin is coming down for the weekend from his small town to hang out with us in the city and I'm wondering if there's any suggestions for places to take him that he'd like (besides the Brass Rail.) We're at Queen and Roncesvalles and are taking him shopping along Queen and to a Raptors game so anywhere in between is great. I'm thinking he might dig Burrito Boys for lunch, but I'm still thinking of somewhere for dinner that he might think is cool. Thanks in advance.

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  1. hm.. what about Queen Mother on Queen St W ?

    1. Hard Rock Cafe migh work / theres a Korean BBQ place near City TV that might be fun. Chinatown is alway a fun adventure.

      1. Oh yeah, the Korean BBQ place...I'm not a huge fan but he might think it's cool. Definitely not something they have back home. Great idea.

        1. I know there'll be a lot of hate for it on here, but he might dig HAL Burger.

          1. My girlfriend suggested HAL burger too. I'm sure he'd like it. We're actually pretty sure he'd be stoked just to go to McDonalds but I can't in good conscience do that. Man, I sound old.