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Jan 31, 2007 09:44 AM

Solo dining in Boulder this Friday

I'll be solo in Boulder this Friday. Not at all averse to dining alone, but want to go somewhere that's good and where I won't stick out like a sore thumb. Reading along, my top choice is The Kitchen but I'd love more thoughts.


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    1. Here are some suggestions where you can sit at a pleasant bar and also have a great dinner. By the way, don't be turned off by the hotel suggestions - the restaurants are superb.

      Q's in the Hotel Boulderado.
      The Flagstaff House (if you really want to splurge)
      Jill's in the St. Julien Hotel
      Brasserie 1010

      1. Redfish or any of the sushi bars if you sit at the bar especially (but Sushi Tora is my pick for the best one) would also be good choices.

        1. If you get there at the opening bell, you might snag a spot at Frasca's tiny bar. They do serve good to the few lucky diners who can grab a spot there. It IS pricy, but worth it. I believe that Mateo has some sort of a community table up front. 7 Eurobar and Bistro also serves at the bar, and their little two-top tables wouldn't be to weird for a solo diner. Black Cat Bistro is also small and congenial. I wouldn't recomment the Flagstaff House for anyone dining alone. It's very couply/groupy -- and dinner is usually a drawn-out affair. The staff is gracious, but I think "sore thumb" would apply. Jill's and Q's are good recommendations, since they are hotel restaraurants, where guests often eat alone. As for sushi, I like Hapa, Sushi Zanmai and Japango too.

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            Sorry, Claire, I have to disagree about the Flagstaff House. I've had several "dinners" just sitting at the bar. Granted, I usually do an appetizer and salad as a dinner. You don't end up with the whole dining room extravaganza and the bartender is great to talk to. Depending on how busy it is, Scott might sit down and chat, too.

            Another option that I forgot is Restaurant 4580 on North Broadway. This is more of a neighborhood atmosphere and the bar is a great place to chow down.

            1. re: Mutt

              I bow to your experience, Mutt. We have always been seated so promptly at the Flagstaff House that we've never dallied at the bar. 4580 is a good idea indeed, though I haven't been there since the original chef left.

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                By the way, we had a specatcular dinner at Black Cat last week. Ordered the 5 course tasting with wine and ended up with at least 8 or 9 courses when you add in the amuse bouche and other extras. Eric Skokan was helping pass out plates and he was delightful to visit with for a few minutes. When I mentioned the tasting courses, he said that they usually lose track of numbers and just keep bringin' on the plates! It was great. We had one of the tables by the kitchen and it was entertaining (as well as very warm on that cold night.)