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Jan 31, 2007 09:34 AM

Last chance for May Wah pork chop rice - Closing Feb 17th

Today I was told by the phone order person at the May Wah fast food shop on Hester Street that the owner is retiring and will close up shop in the Chinese New Year, this coming February 17th, 2007.

For the last seven years I have relied on their lunch box delivery for rib-sticking home cooking and they will be sorely missed. So, folks, this is your last chance to chow down on their soy-braised chicken leg quarter (or juicy pork chop) with their home-style greasy thousand-calorie pickled cabbage & ground pork side dressing. If you really need a cholesterol fix, ask to upgrade from a single to a double (!) order of soy-marinated hard-boiled egg on the side.

Check out their delivery slips - the hardboiled egg is written in shorthand " + O ". How cute is that! In all, this lunch box special will set you back a total of five bucks, including the tip. Get it soon, though.

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  1. :( . So sad. Any other pork chop/ chicken leg places like it ?

    I only know of the excellent pork chop house and it is a poor substitute.

    1. May Wah's closing?!? Then I have to go there when I visit the city this weekend, for the last time I guess. I wonder what's going to take its place.

      1. I first heard the rumor early last fall and I've been going down there on a weekly basis. Now the end has come...

        There is a porkchop place on Doyer's Street across from the post office, but it barely holds a light to May Wah...

        1. Yeah it's sad =( I actually know someone who offered to buy and keep May Wah open as it is. The owner refused and then made even more of a point to tell everyone he's closing up shop. Last I heard It's gonna turn into a Hong Kong style PorkChop joint after May Wah closes it's doors.

          1. Got the pork chop + O to go and eating it as I type. You know, they sell the sauce for $3. I may just have to go back next weekend and pick some up for the freezer!