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Last chance for May Wah pork chop rice - Closing Feb 17th

Today I was told by the phone order person at the May Wah fast food shop on Hester Street that the owner is retiring and will close up shop in the Chinese New Year, this coming February 17th, 2007.

For the last seven years I have relied on their lunch box delivery for rib-sticking home cooking and they will be sorely missed. So, folks, this is your last chance to chow down on their soy-braised chicken leg quarter (or juicy pork chop) with their home-style greasy thousand-calorie pickled cabbage & ground pork side dressing. If you really need a cholesterol fix, ask to upgrade from a single to a double (!) order of soy-marinated hard-boiled egg on the side.

Check out their delivery slips - the hardboiled egg is written in shorthand " + O ". How cute is that! In all, this lunch box special will set you back a total of five bucks, including the tip. Get it soon, though.

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  1. :( . So sad. Any other pork chop/ chicken leg places like it ?

    I only know of the excellent pork chop house and it is a poor substitute.

    1. May Wah's closing?!? Then I have to go there when I visit the city this weekend, for the last time I guess. I wonder what's going to take its place.

      1. I first heard the rumor early last fall and I've been going down there on a weekly basis. Now the end has come...

        There is a porkchop place on Doyer's Street across from the post office, but it barely holds a light to May Wah...

        1. Yeah it's sad =( I actually know someone who offered to buy and keep May Wah open as it is. The owner refused and then made even more of a point to tell everyone he's closing up shop. Last I heard It's gonna turn into a Hong Kong style PorkChop joint after May Wah closes it's doors.

          1. Got the pork chop + O to go and eating it as I type. You know, they sell the sauce for $3. I may just have to go back next weekend and pick some up for the freezer!

            1. Gonna miss the pork chop rice (see pic below)...

              1. Rumor has it that May Wah has been resurrected as if nothing has changed. Can anyone confirm?

                1. I've been curious about this as well. After it's supposed "closing", I saw a sign taped on the restaurant which said "closed for vacation, will re-open (I forgot the date)"

                  Just today, I passed by May Wah and I saw that it was open! I thought to myself "perhaps, they appear to be open, but just cleaning." But sure enough there were people in the kitchen and people getting take out.

                  hmmm ... anyone care to shed any light?

                  1. I'm so confused- I thought May Wah is the place on Hester that sells vegetarian "meat" products... I'm sure of it! (And I was just there two weeks ago, and it was totally open.)

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                      May Wah IS the name of both the vegetarian grocery store, AND the pork chop take out restaurant. They are less than half a block away on Hester.
                      They are both open. I went to get a pork chop rice to go after I'd shopped at the vegetarian grocery store (who by the way has the Chinese Apple Soda (Ping2 Guo3 Xi1 Da3) and also the Taiwanese Sasparilla Soda (Hei1Song1 Sha1 Shi4) ). I have to say, that for the first time, their pork chop tasted good to me. The pork chop as well as the minced meat sauce they put on the rice were all tasty.

                      Maybe they cleaned up and the oil is newer? Anyhow, it's a good thing.

                    2. Oh, good! I am so glad that May Wah isn't closed. I have good memories of going there when I was a kid and would've been pretty sad if it closed.

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                        I've never been but feel like I should give it a try before it's (potentially) gone.

                        If I were to get a "to go" order, what do I ask for? Simply "pork chop with rice" to go?



                      2. O joy! I'm thrilled to hear this!

                        Tipsy, For me there are only a few options:
                        "Chicken leg rice". or. "Pork chop rice."
                        The next question is "one egg" or "two egg".

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                        1. re: vicki_vale

                          Okay...thanks Vicki!

                          Now for the stupid question. Is the egg "sunny side up" on top of the meat and rice, like I see so often in Japan (I realize this is a Chinese dish)?


                        2. Tonight I went to the once May Wah now called Wah Mei Pork Chop Fast Food. Address and phone number are the same but the menu is a bit different. No more rich cakes, instead they have pasta, yup, pork chop over pasta! Ain't nothing wrong with it, they even have Macau styled pork chop burger ($2.50).

                          I've ordered "House special pork chop over rice" $4.25, it's the first item on the new menu, I also added a fried chicken leg. The lookalike chop is just not the same as May Wah's, it's not bad food but it's missing the to-die-for aroma, they used different spices to marinate the meat (or they didn't use any), same thing with the chicken leg. The preserved salty veggie they put on top of the rice is about the same but a bit more saltier than the old one.

                          The old May Wah had one type of pork chop, the new place has different kinds such as cutlet pork chop, black pepper sauce, galic sauce, onion sauce, all $4.25 each over rice, with pasta is $4.75. If May Wah was a 10, Wah Mei is a 7, give it a try but don't expect the same chop as the original one.

                          Wah Mei opens daily from 10:30AM - 9:00PM, Sun 11:00AM - 7:00PM

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                            I did notice the Macau style pork chop burger for $2.50, but it didn't occur to me that the name of the place had changed....

                            So, THAT's why I liked May Wah for the first time, because it's run by different people?

                            The old May Wah's meat, whether it's the chicken leg or the pork chop, DID have a great aroma, but the smell doesn't translate to taste. To me, biting into something smelling so promising and then to taste NOTHING makes me feel like I"m eating fake food - it's unsettling.

                            The "new" place's pork chop and everything else had a more integrated feel to me. Of course, that's just me. So, lucky for me, I will frequent this place more now that food taste real to me. I'm sorry if the old May Wah fans might object. Also, I apologize for not being more attentive to the details and not realizing that the restaurant had changed somehow.

                          2. May Wah's owner retired after 26 years. For those who miss the old taste, try Excellent Pork Chop House, 3 Doyers Street (at Chatham Square), phone: 212-791-7007, fax: 212-791-7009. It runs by the younger sister of May Wah's owner, the taste is not exactly the same but it's close enough.

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                              Ok, here's the deal. I went by the other day after I heard rumors that it was still open. Sure enough there it was, and now curiously named "Wah Mei" which lead to more of my confusion. I went inside and noticed some of the same ol employees as well as new ones too. Turns out that yes, the old owner retired and the place was bought over by a new owner who asked to retain the kitchen staff and sell the same stuff. They had to change the name slightly to appease the old owner, also they told me their menu has been corrected and will now sell pretty much exactly what they had before also. Still the same prices for Chicken leg or PorkChop over rice. I also agree that the meats are different and a little more flavorful now, especially that chicken leg! I'm just happy i can still pick up my meats over rice on the way home from work! =D

                            2. just wanted to update the condition regarding the May-Wah/Wah May pork chop place:

                              The eat -in place to the left of the place is no more. So, now you can eat in only if you are very thin, and is one of the 3 people that can barely fit at the semi-counter that's inside the Take-Out place.