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Jan 31, 2007 09:16 AM

Best with Kids in Little Italy - This Weekend, help please!

We are planning a day in Baltimore on Sunday. Where is the best spot for food-loving parents plus four kids (4,6,8.9) in Baltimore. A great value (overall) is what we are in search of here! Thanks!

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  1. board's consensus is amici's. search should reveal several other threads on this topic.

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    1. Chiapperlies,
      the servers have been their for years and they are from the neighborhood and love kids. Amici's is good with friends that are of age.

      1. It is Amici's -- will let you know how the our junior hounds like it!

        1. I've taken grand-daughters to Della Notte. Yes, it is kitschy with a tree in the middle of the dining room and plaster busts of Caesar's everywhere but the food it terrific and the wait staff treats children with more respect than any other restaurant in which I've dined in the Baltimore/Washington/Virginia.

          1. I agree on Della Notte. I just took my two and a half year old there and he liked it and the waiters were very good with him.