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Noodles, salads or veggies near Pine @ Battery (downtown). Fast, tasty.

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Suggestions please:

Downtown Lunch near Pine @ Battery.

Noodles or Salads or Veggy-focused food (not necc vegetarian).

Price doesnt matter. Speed and quality do.

Thanks ahead for your suggestions!

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  1. Medicine -161 Sutter Street
    At the Crocker Galleria- Japanese, Vegetarian excellent, if you go early you can get out fast.

    Kim's Restaurant/ #4 Pho- 380 Bush Street, in that food court below Beldon, good Pho, not great but fills the void.

    pho ga is good at Sal,s -505 Washington

    Wildflower- on Samsone

    Mixt Greens- 120 Sansome

    1. Cafe Venue in Leidesdorff alley. Cafeteria style, tossed to order salads and plates of pasta. Fast, inexpensive. Not gourmet, but decent food for a decent value.