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Jan 31, 2007 09:03 AM

Restaurant Week or Chicago Dine Out Week?

Does Chicago have a restaurant week or dine out week like D.C or Philly? If so, does anyone know the dates of when this is going to happen for 2007?


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  1. In Chicago, every week is restaurant week! :)

    1. Lol! But you know what I am talking about though right? My friends in DC celebrated restaurant week in the summer where a variety of restaurants, many being very expensive, participate in restaurant week. Diners can get a 3 course dinner for around $30-$35, from sometimes a pre-selected menu, sometimes anything goes.

      You sound a lot more hip than I am. Have you ever heard anything like this being promoted for Chicago?

      1. Corinne:

        The closest thing I can think of would be: "Taste of Chicago" which takes place every Summer in Grant Park (outdoors). This year, it runs from June 29 to July 8, 2007. Many restaurants have stands, but it's probably not the best place to sample great Chicago restaurant food.


        1. I know what you are talking about and it has been done in the past but I haven't seen anything going on like that for awhile. Keep checking They usually post something about it. There are several restaurants in the Chicagoland area that do very nice prix fixe dinners for around that price point. The best one I've found so far is Vie in Western Springs, but I'm sure that if you research it a little you can find such offerings.

          1. Yes, of course I was kidding.

            I don't recall a specific campaign for bargain dinners during one particular week. But, as suburban Sandy mentions, lots of places offer special prix fixe dinners for a lower price than normal. Some do so as "pre theater" dinners, including some of the best places in town (Everest, NoMi), Some other daily/weekly specials are shown in this Metromix article:

            (Taste of Chicago is really something different, an outdoor festival with food stands and lots of people drinking beer because it's the hottest time of the summer.)