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Jan 31, 2007 08:44 AM

izakaya redux

The izakaya thread below is already two years old, and many of the places mentioned seem to be no longer around. Would love to hear anyone's updated recs.

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  1. yakitori totto mid-range - west 55th (beside sugiyama)
    village yokocho - cheap - stuyvesant place and 3rd ave.

    1. Kasadela is wonderful. In the East Village.

      1. Second Kasadela.
        Uminoie in EV
        Sakagura in Midtown

        1. Totto, Kasadela, and Donburi-ya (for the specials). The 45th Street Menchanko-Tei is OK, as well.



          1. I like Typhoon (EV) and Zenkichi (1 short stop over in Williamsburg) is amazing. I'd go to Zenkichi for perfectly executed upscale izakaya fare.

            I have a full review of Zenkichi up at: