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Jan 31, 2007 08:39 AM

Barcelona with a 3-year-old...


Hubby and I will have about 3 days in Barcelona. Taking the toddler - she's generally pretty well-behaved in restaurants. Need places for breakfast, lunch and dinner that have excellent food, cheap-to-moderate prices (exchange rates. sigh.) and the occasional item that children like to eat. Range is street food and markets all the way up to sit-down places. Extra points for local flavor and stuff that's close to public transportation or the big tourist attractions (like the Sagrada Familia)...


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  1. Hey -

    I searched for a similar reason a while ago. Here's what I came up with:

    Hope you will post about your trip and findings!


    1. Thanks! That's really helpful :)

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        I hope you will post a report...we are going in July and I could use some more ideas!

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          Hi Dee,
          We had a lovely time. There is a nice tapas place across from the Casa Battlo (which you really need to go inside - now that's architecture...and I never "got" Gaudi before) - the restaurant is called Tapa Tapa, and we just sat down at the bar and pointed at things until we were full. The other standout was the Casa Jordi, which is a restaurant near the Diagonal in the business district - fantastic shrimp "a la plancha" and wonderful people - we'll go back if we ever get the chance. A place that we wish we had eaten was at the Boqueria market - we had already had lunch, when we realized that there are tons of little cafes in the market itself - so something else for next time.

      2. Almost all restaurants in Barcelona are fine with a 3 year old in the sense that kids are welcome everywhere in Spain, the biggest challenge is usually the hours rather than the food as evening dinging starts at the earliest at 8.30 and lunch at 1.30 so if you have a hungry 3 year old at noon or 6pm you get stuck with the fast food places. My kids are now 7 and 9 but when they were little we often bought them picnic food they would like at the boqueria and just brought it with us to wherever we were eating and no one ever objected. We had many a pleasant evening eating outdoors while they sat in their strollers next to us either eating their own picnic or sleeping. The chain fast food places like bocatta and pan y company are fine for a bocadillo and a coffee and almost all the bakeries will make you a decent sandwich. The boqueria can be a bit stressful witha small child but go the santa caterina market instead and then you are strolling dostance to the parc ciutadella . The tapas at cuidad condal on rambla catalunya and cerveceria on mallorca are always excellent and if you sit at a table and order form the menu you can always find good stuff for the kids, the montaditos de solomillo and langostino there are ntoot to be missed but dont order the tapas varaiadas always make individual choices. We eat out here regulary with 3 or 4 kids ranging in age from 18 months to 10 so truly theres lots of choice
        I'll put together a separate posting closer to the time of restaurants.

        1. We went to Barcelona last year with our 3 year old... My son loved the aquarium! there is a major street in a very touristy area that has a lot of street performers, mimes etc it was alot of fun, sorry I cannot remember the name of the street. Long lines at the Sagrada Familia, not that great for a 3yo imo..

          I found it difficult to find good restaurants..we ate a lot of junk, Tapas for "dinner"