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Looking for a new brunch spot for Sunday. Any new spots to check out? Big fan of City Bakery (back in the day), Bubbys, Landmarc, etc...


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  1. Off the top of my head, new and notable brunches can be found at Cookshop, Devin Tavern, 202, and Freeman's.

    "New" as in new restaurants and/or places that have risen to prominence in the last 12 months or so.

    My favorite brunches:

    1. deborah's, clinton street baking company, eatery

      1. Forget Clinton Street. It's always at least an hour wait. I like Five Points, Schiller's, Pastis, and Norma's.

        1. Second Five Points and Deborah and would also add Jane. Pastis is very good if you can get a reservation.

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            I would say Balthazar trumps Pastis, especiall if you're organized enough to be making reservations. Pastis is fine if you're walking in and can wait, but Balthazar is a step up from Pastis.

            If you like Jane, I would say that the sister restaurant The Neptune Room is actually a bit better. Specifically, I like TNR's execution of the creme brulee french toast, as well as the lobster benedict.

            1. Cornelia Street Café
              Café Condesa
              Bright Food Shop
              Cowgirl (not kidding. the grits are out of this world - and I don't usually like grits)
              Sacred Chow (love, LOVE the brunch)
              Elephant and Castle
              Tarallucci e Vino

              1. I was really unimpressed with Essex. The only thing good is the price and two really strong drinks included

                1. It's not new, but my all time favorite is Norma's in the the Parker Meridien in Midtown. I drag everyone there, though it's kind of pricey for brunch and you'll leave absolutely stuffed. Can be a long wait if you don't plan ahead by making a reservation.

                  1. Five Points and 202, I'm surprised Prune hasn't been mentioned...be prepared to wait, they don't take reservations.