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Seattle Cakes

I'm a big cake fan who has a birthday coming up and am struggling with the decision about where to go, any suggestions?

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  1. Are you looking for a restaurant in which to order cake for dessert of a bakery to order a cake to be eaten elsewhere?

    My favorite "bakery" cakes are at Simply Dessert in Fremont. I think they have a couple of tables but it's not where I'd want to linger over dessert on my birthday.

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      More of the bakery option, to be eaten elsewhere

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        I'm a big fan of Simply Desserts' cakes, especially chocolate white chocolate, some orangey cake, and a chocolate cake whose filling involves folding caramel into whipped cream.

      2. Try Dahlia Bakery (located next to Dahlia Lounge) or Macrina Bakery (in Belltown).

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          I disagree with the Dahlia reco.
          I ordered one of their cakes and it had super-sugary-sweet frosting and the chocolate cake was so dense (not in a good way) I needed a knife to cut my individual slice into edible pieces.

        2. As a personal assistant, I buy B-Day Cakes all the time. My three favorites are: Dahlia, Whole Foods (The Vegan Chocolate is better that you would think) and Cupcake Royale . . .

          1. If you are talking about old school sheet cake, Remo Borrachini's a traditional Seattle standby. They use a creme frosting that's not too sweet.

            The cakes evoke a bit of the 4th grade birthday vibe, but that's half the fun.

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              Borrachini's cakes are very much "love 'em or hate 'em". I'd suggest you do a tasting there first, or at least buy a slice. Their frosting is pasty (my opinion) and cake generally not delicious. But I know others who love it.

              Agree with North Hill, CocoLaTiDa, B&O and Simply Desserts (I'm a cake fiend).

              Also suggest adding Madison Park Bakery and Hollyhock.

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                Coco La Ti Da is closed. Just to let everyone know.

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                Every year on my birthday I get the Tiramisu cake...you can taste the rum....yummy!!!!

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                  Borrachini's used to be pretty good. Now the cake is dry, the place is old and the floor is filthy. I got some moldy bread there last time.

                2. i second whole foods. they have excellent ingredients (free-range eggs etc...), and a good variety of beautiful cakes. at the roosevelt store, there is an excellent chocolate mousse cake-greg's, i think it's called. and an amazing cheesecake too!

                  1. If we're talking sheet cakes, Kauai Family Restaurant in SODO makes awesome cakes.

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                      Yes, the haupia cake is indeed delicious. Unfortunately you can't always count on them to follow through with your order. They made the wrong cake for my grandmother's 100th birthday and were unapologetic (had to settle for a dry mango cake), called us the morning of my son's birthday to tell us that they were closing the place that day and couldn't make the cake, didn't have cakes ready as promised 3 other times. We've given up on them.

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                        Kauai Family has some attitude problems, unfortunately. For Hawaii-style cakes, though, they are pretty much it. I love chantilly cake and I've had theirs - it's yummy! I also love their guava, lilikoi and rainbow cakes.

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                          I don't know if it matters, but they used boxed cake mixes. Guava cake is strawberry cake mix with guava filling.

                    2. Coco la ti da, across from the Harvard Exit theater. Sue McCowan's cakes are absolute works of art. You could order something specific to take away or if you wanted to celebrate there, they have a sexy loungy section that works for groups. They also have fun cocktails. Happy birthday.

                      1. If you're looking for either a place to go or order one for a party at another location... Coco la ti da is a must. They have a great little sweet & savory bistro on Capital Hill, not to mention a kitchen off-site for bigger cakes. http;//www.cocolatida.com I've eaten in and ordered for parties. MUST TRY!!!

                        1. North Hill Bakery (Capitol Hill, 15th Avenue): I just attended a birthday at which they served four different cakes from the North Hill Bakery. Coconut, carrot, lemon, and raspberry. All were flavorful, moist, delicious. And very attractive.

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                            I second North Hill Bakery. Lovely and delicious cakes made by a nice small local business.

                          2. Suzanne Chelsea, pastry chef at B&O, makes some of the best traditional cakes I've ever had. Her German Chocolate Cake, Devil Cake and Carrot Cake are as near to perfection as I've ever had. These aren't cutting edge, neuveau, pastries, like McGowans at Coco la ti da, but I'd go for a slice of bliss made by Suzanne any day!

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                              Her name is Suzanne Chesley. It rhymes with Presley :)

                            2. i just had a cake from coco la ti da and it was amazingly delicious. a peanut butter chocolate masterpiece but not cheap! we also picked up this little ginger square thing that was also great. if you're splurging on a cake this would be where i'd recommend.

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                                Unfortunately, I didn't get to Coco La Ti Da before they closed abruptly this past week. Still kicking myself over that but who knew? According to one of the local papers, some of the employees might try to resurrect it but I hear the space is already being shopped around by commercial real estate folks....

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                                  yeah, i'm also sad that i didn't actually get into the shop either. i just ordered my cake and picked it up. it was sooo delish that i'm sad i can't get it again! that'd be great if some of the employees could make a go of it.

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                                    And McCown can't be going far. At least I hope not. I ate at Coco La Ti Da in December. Her food was good. And dessert was delicious. But the place was way too frilly and frou-frou for me. It would have been an ideal birthday party spot for me as a nine-year-old. But the name and the decor seemed un peu unsuitable for the 'hood.
                                    The food was excellent however. And the service as well. We'll see what she does next.

                                    Has anyone heard any more on this?

                              2. Ooof, there are some bad suggestions in this thread, you'd be better off with Duncan, as in Hines. If you want good, moist cake with non-Criscofied frosting that tastes better homemade and not like it's been thawed out: try Morfey's on Denny. I've been through the ringer trying cake for a wedding...it is the best. And you people need to get out more and eat more cake. Geesh.

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                                  Having been a cater-waiter and worked about 1000 weddings in Seatt;e, i do NOT recommend Morphey's or Boracchini's. I find their cakes to be low-quality and the frosting cloyingly sweet and grainy. All in all I agree w/Ethereal - Simply Desserts and Hollyhock are some of the best cakes I have ever had. Dahlia has great pies too.

                                2. It's been a few years, but T.M Dessert Works on Phinney Ave. makes some elegant cakes (including a "tuxedo cake"). I'm also a fan of the chocolate fudge cake at Simply Desserts.


                                  1. My fabulous new bride and I got wedding cake (and gelato) from Gelatiamo. I have eaten from a jillion wedding cakes, mostly horrible, aside from a few palatable "carrot-cake" type experiences. This one, however, was a total winner. Our 200 guests raved about all the food (of course), but waxed exstatic about the cake, So light it was fluffy, but rich with flavor and not too sweet and no buttercream in sight.
                                    I am not talking about the "ice-cream cake" sort of deals, though they are doubtless the best of their class. Think fine Italian wedding cake (and thank you Maria - it was fabulous).

                                    1. 60th St. Desserts (which is no longer on 60th St.) makes fantastic cakes! My favorite is the white cake with white chocolate mousse and berries. It's fantastic. I've heard great things about the chocolate cake as well.

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                                        I'll second 60th Street Desserts. It's the cake I would choose above all others... so far. http://www.60thstreetdesserts.com/des...

                                      2. We got our wedding cake from creme de la creme and it was great. Not sure if they do birthday cakes.

                                        1. I vote for 60th Street Desserts (now located in Sand Point), too. I used to live up the street from this gem of a place and ordered most of the birthday cakes for my husband and myself. The Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake is rich and delicious. Try their Peach Raspberry scones while you're there. Super yum!

                                          1. Columbia City Bakery makes fantastic cakes. And the best cheesecakes too.
                                            I love the chocolate, but my personal favorite is their Meyer lemon curd meringue cake.
                                            I adore the perfectly-roasted marshmallow sweet summer taste of meyer lemon curd, butter cream crumb coat, meringue heaven.

                                            Between Edmunds and Ferdinand on Rainier.

                                            1. I have to agree that Simply Desserts in Fremont has wonderful traditional American cakes. I love the white chocolate strawberries and cream! Mmmm! I haven't been to many of the other suggestions that have been brought up so I can't make any comments about them.

                                              1. Where did you end up getting a cake and how was it?

                                                1. I just talked to Hiroki at his shop in Wallingford (Hiroki's). He told me that he's starting to do cakes again for weddings and special occasions. I don't know if you're still looking for one, but I highly recommend it.

                                                  1. tried the chocolate eruption cake at whole foods. knocked my socks off! soo chocolatey and not cloyingly sweet. its become my favorite seattle cake. they sell it as a whole cake or small squares.

                                                    1. Wanting to try something new I opted for the "Haupia" cake from Kauai Family Desserts down in Georgetown. It was a white cake with whipped cream-like frosting, topped with a coconut custard, and covered in shaved coconut. It was a huge hit, light and fluffy with the topping providing hints of coconut cream pie. I'd recommend Kauai's cakes to anyone looking for a change of pace. Thanks for all of the suggestions, I definitely will be trying some of them out later, birthday or no.

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                                                        I love that cake and totally forgot to suggest it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

                                                        Kauai Family Restaurant has a fantastic smoked pork dish also! Oooh, and their 17 hour kahlua pork - yum!

                                                      2. Macrina Bakery in Belltown. Try their carrot cake

                                                        1. Madison Park Bakery makes great cakes and cupcakes. I prefer their cupcakes to Cupcake Royale.

                                                          1. Trophy Cupcakes (and Party) makes some of the best cake in town. Yeah, their cake is in cup form, but that just adds to the deliciousness.