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Jan 31, 2007 08:14 AM

Seattle Cakes

I'm a big cake fan who has a birthday coming up and am struggling with the decision about where to go, any suggestions?

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  1. Are you looking for a restaurant in which to order cake for dessert of a bakery to order a cake to be eaten elsewhere?

    My favorite "bakery" cakes are at Simply Dessert in Fremont. I think they have a couple of tables but it's not where I'd want to linger over dessert on my birthday.

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    1. re: Lauren

      More of the bakery option, to be eaten elsewhere

      1. re: Lauren

        I'm a big fan of Simply Desserts' cakes, especially chocolate white chocolate, some orangey cake, and a chocolate cake whose filling involves folding caramel into whipped cream.

      2. Try Dahlia Bakery (located next to Dahlia Lounge) or Macrina Bakery (in Belltown).

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        1. re: gastros

          I disagree with the Dahlia reco.
          I ordered one of their cakes and it had super-sugary-sweet frosting and the chocolate cake was so dense (not in a good way) I needed a knife to cut my individual slice into edible pieces.

        2. As a personal assistant, I buy B-Day Cakes all the time. My three favorites are: Dahlia, Whole Foods (The Vegan Chocolate is better that you would think) and Cupcake Royale . . .

          1. If you are talking about old school sheet cake, Remo Borrachini's a traditional Seattle standby. They use a creme frosting that's not too sweet.

            The cakes evoke a bit of the 4th grade birthday vibe, but that's half the fun.

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              Borrachini's cakes are very much "love 'em or hate 'em". I'd suggest you do a tasting there first, or at least buy a slice. Their frosting is pasty (my opinion) and cake generally not delicious. But I know others who love it.

              Agree with North Hill, CocoLaTiDa, B&O and Simply Desserts (I'm a cake fiend).

              Also suggest adding Madison Park Bakery and Hollyhock.

              1. re: ethereal

                Coco La Ti Da is closed. Just to let everyone know.

              2. re: GreenYoshi

                Every year on my birthday I get the Tiramisu can taste the rum....yummy!!!!

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                  Borrachini's used to be pretty good. Now the cake is dry, the place is old and the floor is filthy. I got some moldy bread there last time.

                2. i second whole foods. they have excellent ingredients (free-range eggs etc...), and a good variety of beautiful cakes. at the roosevelt store, there is an excellent chocolate mousse cake-greg's, i think it's called. and an amazing cheesecake too!