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Jan 31, 2007 08:07 AM

Where to find Scotch Bonnet peppers in Sac?

has anybody seen them around? Or, do you know of a market with a lot of specialty items?


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  1. I saw some yesterday at Safeway.

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    1. re: goodfeeder

      Really? I just called one and they said they don't carry them and doubt any other safeways do. Are you sure you didn't see habaneros?

      1. or make the trek to Corti's, but call first!

        1. I saw them at Corti's about an hour ago.


          1. If you're making jerk, feel free to invite me over. I'll bring the Red Stripe.

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            1. re: missb

              I was making jerk pork, but I ditched the idea and decided to go with Cuban Sandwiches. After all, the super bowl is in Miami! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm new to the area and after hearing so much about Corti's I can't wait to check it out.