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Jan 31, 2007 08:01 AM

Venice Celebration July 2007

I've had good success with Chowhound, so here goes again.

Looking for an Italian restaurant in Venice for a family celebration this summer. Food must be great (goes without saying). Regional specialties would be especially welcome. Should be environmentally charming, be able to seat an extended family of 15 (separate but close tables are fine), and accept a child of 1 year. (Last point shouldn't be a problem.. this is Italy right?) Expense is less a concern, but shouldn't be Michelin-three starred level. Walking distance from St. Mark's would be nice.

Any suggestions?

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  1. There are no Michelin three stars in Venice. No two stars either. Frankly, neither of these would probably show interest in a family dinner if they even existed. Environmentally challenging? What exactly does this mean?

    1. Well basically I meant that I didn't want to pay three star prices. I meant a "charming" environment - an authentic setting, perhaps a view, a cozy ambience etc..

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        Corte Sconta could do for this - its well established, informal in nice room, excellent food, even has a garden, certainly authentic regional food (there's just about no decent restaurant in Venice that serves anything else but the local seafood specialties - this place does them well) and a warm welcome, though dont know how this would be in summer when there was more tourist impact. Its on a tiny little street in Castello, walking distance from San Marco.

        If you want to have meat options, Alla Zucca, in Santa Croce, I think, has excellent vegetable and meat specialties, interesting cuisine, and they have space overlooking a little canal and bridge, which might be nice. Youd have to walk or take a vaporetto to get there.

        You may also want to look at places out on the canals - I believe that Altanella, in Giudecca might have outdoor summer seating (its highly recommended, but Ive not been)

        If you will be there on a weekend and want to settle in for a long lunch, there are places out on the more distant islands in the lagoon that specialize in this.

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          Thx, we're trying to book reservations. I'll let you know how it goes.