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Jan 31, 2007 07:53 AM

Favorite Surfas Item

There was a thread recently about your favorite Trader Joe's item. I can't seem to find it; perhaps it was moved to another board. But in light of the suggestions for housegifts from Surfas, I'm wondering whether people wish to toss out their favorite Surfas (store not cafe) item?

I like the sturgeon and smoked Sslmon and landtjaegers and summer sausages. Sometimes they have pretty good cheeses. I actually recently bought a too-smelly cheese from them -- an absolute first in 30 years of cheese-adoring. I really can't remember ever having met a cheese I didn't like before now! No hard feelings though...

Mini-valhrona choc chips are good too. Edible markers are appreciated!

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  1. MOnari sugar free vanilla syrup. I also dig the beluga lentils and the great salt selection

    1. Several brands of high quality European BULK chocolate for baking and hot chocolate! I have some choice about how much I buy and the price is good.

      1. The bread flour in the refrigerator. It feels silkier than my usual King Arthur, and I could tell as soon as I mixed in water that it has a higher gluten content. My dough rose better and had a chewier center using the same recipe as I use for other flours.

        I'm very curious about the big tubs of frozen puree in the freezer section. Has anyone tried them? I can't remember the name, but they're in long rectangular tubs and have great harder to find flavors like passionfruit in addition to the usual berries, etc.

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          This is Giusto's flour -- great stuff! I too used to be a King Arthur fan before discovering Giusto's.

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            Pei- I have used their fruit purees in cocktails and they are delicious. Authentic pure-fruit flavor. Not an over processed/over-sugared puree. Worth a try.

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              I have used the raspberry and it is wonderful for defrosting/reducing a bit/adding a bit of sugar and using to top cheesecakes, and other sweets.

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                Were you using KA Bread flour or just their All Purpose for baking before discovering Giusto's? [KA Bread flour is in the blue bag not red.]

                - P.

              2. Chestnut puree... so delicious served with a dollop of creme fraiche.

                1. Surfas carries so many wonderful items, but my favorite this week is their Aunt Polly's Dill Pickles in the refrigerator along the wall.

                  (I just called the product number that was on their jar - they are local in Van Nuys - and the lady that answered the phone told me that she is very ill and does not know if they will continue sorry to learn this.)

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                    Ooof -- too sweet for me! I actually prefer Bubbe's sometimes available at Ralphs, believe it or not, and amybe even TJ's these days.