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Jan 31, 2007 07:51 AM

Steak & Good Wine list in L.A.?

Hey board!

My owner is flying in from the east coast and is favorite restaurant is MORTON'S

Last visit we went to MAESTRO'S and he wasn't that impressed.

Can you share some suggestions for spots that serve a nice steak with an extensive wine list too?

Also whats the address for A.O.C. Restaurant, is this a good pick?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Stuart, how much lead time do you have? AOC is quite heavily booked a week or so ahead of time. Max in Sherman Oaks has a superb filet and a good wine list, yet many other entrees as well.
    Jar has a nice list, and does a good job with steak, yet does many other things properly as well. On Beverly just a few blocks east of Bev. Center.

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      Also forgot Carlito's Gardel, the Argentinean restaurant on Melrose just west of Fairfax. Superb wine list with heavy accent on Argentinean malbecs and cabs(some quite old and rare), very good steaks, superb garlic fries(portion good for 2), etc. for more info.

    2. Try Pacific Dining Car down town. Also one in Santa Monica, but I havent been there. AOC is very good with good wine too, but not a place for steak in the steak house sense

      1. He'll be in town Feb. 6th-8th, as much as the board loves JAR, I wasn't that impressed thought their pot roast was quite good. I do love Max Restaurant yet we'll be attending seminars at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood so our plan is to stay in L.A. vs. the Valley

        1. steak and wine and boss? i'd go no further than capo in santa monica. it is quite pricey though.

          1. To answer your question about AOC's location and so on, here's their website:

            As noted before, not a steak house at all.