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Jan 31, 2007 07:47 AM

Freshest Seafood Restaurant in London

I am currently in London and am searching for the all time best and freshest seafood restaurant. I went to Randall & Aubin in Chelsea and thoroughly enjoyed it, but am now looking for everyone else's top of the top lists. Cheerio!

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  1. Try FISH! (located ajacent to the Borough Market) or Geale's (on Farmer Stret, Notting Hill).
    For a bit of a splurge, J. Sheekey (St. Martins Court, not far from the National Portrait Gallery) has a very large fish/seafood menu and usually does a very nice job.

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      Thank you...just returned from another trip and had potted crab at J. Sheekey. Lovely place, sat at the bar and was...the only patron! Oysters were so so but it was my bday, so I did splurge. Best experience of my entire trip was had at Wright Bros. close to Borough market. Wow! The chef was phenomenal and beamed when I told him, with all honesty, that his oysters were better than Nobu's Malibu outpost. Cannot recommend Wright Bros. enough. Best seats are definitely at the bar on the furthest end of the restaurant. Thank you for your suggestions!