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Belvedere Square... A great place to shop and eat


In Baltimore...

Just putting this out there.... for people looking for fun places to explore!

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  1. The Chili's is now Ryan's Daughter, an Irish pub. It's pretty standard but decent. The real food find there is Atwater's Ploughboy Soups. Sooooo goood. It's one of the few Baltimore places that consistently gets shout-outs from The Washington Post. Mmmm, soup.


    The rest of the market is very nice as well -- sort of pricey, but nice. And it's much, much better than it was 10 or even five years ago.

    1. who cares about shout-outs from the Post?
      but it has changed some in ten years.
      Also, Ceriello's is a great place to get meat and poultry products (and other stuff).

      1. GREG's Bagels.....not your typical bagel shop....all bagels are hand made....very UNIQUE flavors...great atmosphere....and Greg and his staff are OUTSTANDING !
        One of the most unique places to eat in Baltimore!!!

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          There is too much negativity on discussion boards (in general) and I debated posting a reply, but come on! Or should I say COME ON! Greg's Bagel's unique?

          He has an awesome selection of salmon, a wide variety of bagel sandwich options, numerous cream cheeses and fruit spreads. I guess one _could_ say that that alone makes him unique for Baltimore.

          His bagels taste a little different than what I'd call a New York bagel, sorry I can't be more specific. They are good. The last great bagel I had was in Park Slope.

          His staff _is_ hardworking and Greg deserves credit for staying put through the lean years. But here is the problem I have: a few years back there was a span of six months or a year when the shop was closed often: vacation then a tai chi retreat then airline tickets to Europe fell in their laps, etc. I think when Greg's not there the shop is closed. The last thing you need, when you just want to grab a bagel on the way to work, is to find the place closed. Then again. Then again.

          It's just a good bagel shop. One of the most unique places to eat in Baltimore? No.

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            Have to agree about the sketchy hours. It is annoying when you drive to a store on your lunch hour and inexplicably find them closed - for weeks. But I do enjoy Greg's quirky personality and love the bagels, especially the spelt (sp?)ones.

          2. I disagree. Without a doubt, Greg's is one of the most unique places to eat in Baltimore. Handmade bagels, amazing salmons, each one with a story, off the beaten path toppings. Sure they're closed frequently, but here's a guy who is successfully bringing a relaxed, european work ethic to Baltimore. Do a great job, take the time off. Most people in that business work at least 10 hours a day, seven days a week..at the cost of a unique, quality product & intelligent, human service. Greg has that in spades. You want hours, go to Starbucks, Panera or Dunkin Donuts. If you want creative, natural, delicious food, a wisecrack or two & possibly the disapointment of them being closed on Arbor Day go to Greg's.


            1. Winegeek....you said it all!! I couldn't agree with you more!
              I used to own a restaurant ....its a burn out business. If I would have taken more time off like Greg does ( and I DID work as Hard and as passionate as he is!!!) I might still want to own a restaurant.
              Greg is one of a kind.....and his store is too. I've been to bagel places all over the east coast....have NEVER found one as unique or as charismatic as Gregs!
              This is definitely one of Baltimore's uniquiest places to eat

              1. Don't forget Cru, the Wine Bar. Interesting wine and mixed drinks and some really good bar food, esp Alsation tarte flambee

                Ciriello's has good sausages and wonderful dry-aged steaks and lots of other fun stuff.

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                  I've been there 3 times. My husband & I find the quality somewhat uneven. 2 of the visits were disappointing, but the 3rd was quite good. I would wish for more variations in the menu over time though.

                  1. re: Mary Cashour

                    Every time I've been there, I've loved the food & the wine but they have gotten really crowded. I heard the owners were thinking about putting in a kitchen instead of doing the whole menu behind the bar. Maybe then they will have more food offerings.

                2. I love Belvedere Square - top it off with a trip to Daedalus and I'm livin' large. But I'd sooner get my java from Atwater's than S-bucks
                  Who has been to Taste? I think that's the name - It's the new restaurant across from the market in the old Hess Shoe building.

                  1. What, no mention of Neopol Smokery?

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                      Ooooo....this place is my favorite in the market. Ever try the savory pies?

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                        Yes, the savory pies are delicious. The green salad they serve on the side, with all kinds of neat stuff like sliced apples, is another pleasant surprise.

                        Smoked salt? (see below) Those crazy bastards will smoke anything. ;-) There was also an amazing smoked hummus last time I was there.

                        And the service is always intelligent and friendly.

                    2. OK: Neopol has great smoked duck, chicken seafood and even addictive smoked salt for sale, as well as cheesy pies and whatever else their creative minds can invent. Worth a trip from anywhere.

                      1. B Square has come a long way. Greg could get away with irregular hours when he was one of only a couple tenants there. He is a great, generous guy however. The guy who owns Ryan's Daughter is very nice as well. I went to Taste once and found it to be pretty good. Atwater's is fantastic all around. I hear good things about Grand Cru, and Steve at Planet Produce is great. The smokery, now there's something completely unique. And I agree, since when is the Post the great judge of culinary worth??

                        1. I was SO glad BSquare made a comeback - used to go there all the time back in it's first heyday. It never had a liquor store then so Gran Cru is a nice addition and a great little happy hr. fave. I was avoiding buying my Italian food staples at Ceriello being a long time loyal Mastellone fan, but have noticed nearly all the guys from Mastellone are now at Ceriello so now I can buy my stuff there guilt-free. and the fish place is great ?is it called I CAN, don't know but their stock is super fresh, & I always have to get a chunk of whatever fish they're smokin' that day at Neopol. and the chocolate chip cookies from Atwater's, and the in-season produce from the Planet. No doubt about it, the place is a huge asset!

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                            bkath: re: I was avoiding buying my Italian food staples at Ceriello being a long time loyal Mastellone fan, but have noticed nearly all the guys from Mastellone are now at Ceriello so now I can buy my stuff there guilt-free

                            AGREED. I live down the street and have been going to Mastellone all my years. I spoke to one of the guys now at Ceriello, and he said they sold the store to someone and most of the old crew moved to BS.
                            I've not noticed a major change in quality...