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Jan 31, 2007 07:43 AM

Asia Los Feliz Gripe

After hearing a lot of good things abouit Asia on Los Feliz, we went last weekend for dinner at 7 pm. One of the reasons we went was to try the truffle and lobster mac and cheese, which was on the menu. We asked about it when we were seated, if it was enough to share. We were told yes, they recomend sharing, but it was not ready yet. We were fine with that and ordered some sushi app's. and would order the rest of dinner after the app's. After app's, we were told that there would be no mac and cheese at all that eve. We tried to order something else on the menu and they were out of that too. We ended up having a good dinner of lobster bisque, short ribs, ginger salmon as well as the sushi app's we started with. We tried to order some desert wine from the list, but were told that they were out of that also.

Here's my gripe. We live in a world of cheap laser printers. There is no reason for a menu not to be current, especially at an early dinner.

Am I alone in my thinking?

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  1. The fact that a restaurant advertises sushi and mac&cheese on its menu would scare me away. What's the angle? Japanese healthy with a dash of heart-clogging comfort food? Bizarre...

    1. I don't blame the OP for being annoyed, but he ended up liking the food, so that seems like the salient point. Clare, they do indeed have an over-ambitious menu of the tired pan-Asian variety, yet they seem to be fairly capable at making the simple grilled meats and fishes, and the sushi isn't bad either. I was really skeptical of this place, and the prices are quite high, but it's really not a bad spot for a bowl of lobster bisque, a pork chop and a sushi roll, for example. I haven't tried the mac 'n cheese but since everyone seems to want it these days, I guess they're just trying to please people. My short review for this place: order carefully, bring full credit card.

      1. Been once, won't be going back.

        As Chowpatty so aptly put it ... "order carefully, BRING FULL CREDIT" (emphasis added).

        By the way, is that a double-entendre? Doesn't a "full" credit card mean that the balance has been maxed out?

        1. There was another thread pretty recently by someone else that said they had the same experience --- the truffle lobster mac 'n cheese was not ready, then it was not available at all. That would really annoy me!