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Jan 31, 2007 07:35 AM

Whole Pig Feast - Daisy May

Has anyone had the whole pig feast at Daisy May BBQ. I am doing this for my friends birthday and wanted to get some feedback on what to expect.

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  1. Not the whole pig, but the shoulder, which was juicy and tender and flavorful and awesome all around, albeit enough to feed all of us to the point of delirium with still about half the meat left. Sides (beans, sweet potatoes) were good but certainly not the main attraction. Well worth it.

    As for the setting, it's basically picnic tables in the back of the place, not much to look at (but you're not going for the ambiance I hope).

    1. it was fantastic.

      i had a half suckling pig delivered to my roof for a birthday party this summer.

      the sides were plenty delicious. but man, that pig. it was sweet, smoky, tender and delicious. i wish i had ordered the whole pig instead so as to enjoy leftovers.

      1. Expect a lot of food. I went with a dozen guys for a bachelor party and couldn't come close to finishing the whole pig and sides...though we gave it a valiant effort. The best part, in my opinion, is the meat under/attached to the spine. Unfortunately the skin is unedible.

        The sides are pretty good but nothing to write home about. Same can be said of the sauce. If you have a favorite bbq sauce, I suggest you bring it.

        It's messy, the benches are uncomfortable and the service is pretty much up to you once they deliver the food. But the experience is fun and the food is good. Expect leftovers. They will give you take out containers.

        Bring your own cooler (there is plenty of room) and fill it with the beers/booze/sodas/mixers of your choosing. To forget to do that would be a critical error.


        1. i just did it for my birthday party. we had 16 people and got a half pig a whole shoulder and some ribs. it was a lot of fun. i liked the shoulder the best. we were able to eat just about everything, including the sides. definitely bring beer.

          1. Was very good... we had a whole pig and the shoulder. Unlike many of the other posters, i think the whole pig was worlds better than the shoulder... the shoulder comes shredded and was jerky like.

            Once the food is served, its almost like a picnic... no other real service. you just help yourself to what's on the table. dont forget to eat the cheeks!