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Jan 31, 2007 07:11 AM

Alfama Tonight...Restaurant Week

Has anyone been? Any recommendations? I know the hype about restaurant week, we were planning on going and it so happened that it fell during this time.

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  1. I went for dinner last Friday. For appetizers you have a choice of a soup (caldo verde i think was the name), a salad with some sort of portuguese cheese and a meatball dish. the guys liked the meatballs appetizer (2 big ones) and the girls liked the soup and the salad. For entrees they have two dishes from there orig dinner menu which was a bacalau au gratin looking dish and a seafood dish that was good but looked kinda strange....I don't remember the 3rd choice so it was probably a chicken dish than no one in my table ordered. For dessert, the selections where; a creme brulee with hardly the mentioned bay leaves flavor which maybe a good thing, a walnut something tart that came in a disc shape - on the dry side but good flavor (like oats) with cheese on top...and a selection of gelatos - which we didn't order coz it was 10 degrees outside last friday. The place was quite busy last friday but we were not rushed and the service was quite friendly and i would highly recommend the green grape wine which is part of there cellar list - don't remember the name - but it was an alvanrinho (SP?) and i think was going for 39 went well with the dishes there. it's a tad off dry but with plenty of acidity that you will need to cut through the richness of the entrees. we had a pretty good experience there and ordered the traditional portuguese desserts called pasteis de natas as well on the side. hope you'll enjoy your dinner there as well.

    1. Hey NYC Foodie! Sounds good-I love pasteis de natas and caldo verde! I have been meaning to try the vinho verde which is very popular in Portugal. Thanks for the reminder, will definitely make sure we try it tonight :=)

      Did anyone in your party try the bacalhau? If so, did they prefer that to the mixed seafood?

      1. hi trinyc1979 - most of us actually ordered the bacalhau. i did try the mixed seafood dish and it was okay.not sure if any of there food is actually good versions of portuguese cuisine coz i've never had it before...only had previous experiences with pasteis de nata (discovered them in a trip to hong kong and got hooked on them) and vinho, will be interested to hear on what you have to say too...thanks!