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Jan 31, 2007 07:05 AM

Infomaniac, Lexpatti, Merrimack Valley Crew--Rosarios?

Driving through Methuen Square last night I noticed a new restaurant where "Word of Mouth" BBQ/the 1859 House used to be...Rosario's. Any reviews? It sounds Italian...right down the street from Casa Vecchia?

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  1. Wow...I haven't been or seen it yet. Will try to stop by soon though. Thanks for pointing it out.

    1. Hmmmm, definately need to check it out. Thanks.

      1. golferbitch, infomaniac, and lexpatti - I'm from Methuen too and you can skip Rosario's - it's the same owners as the 1859 house - went there about a year ago, haven't been back - tough steak, overcooked scallops, lukewarm food - had a happening bar scene tho'. I don't particularly care for Casa Vecchia either - never anyone in there - the bar is decent - a little on the pricey side for speciality martinis ~9.00 - For Italian - you can get a decent meal at Cappelini's on the other side of Methuen - Have you tried Mexico Lindo in the old Red Tavern? On Thursdays they have a Mariachi (sp?) band until 9:00 - food was pretty tasty and they have all kinds of margarita's by the pitcher!

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          pfox, thanks for your insight here.
          I've been to Mexico Lindo a few times, and I really like what they did to the inside of the place, and I think the food is fantastic. I'll have to remember to go there on a Thursday night. My daughter would get a kick out of the Mariachi band.
          I totally forgot about Cappelini's in another thread which I like.
          I've had a pretty good meal at Casa Vecchia a few months ago., but most of the time, I'm there for a rice ball or sandwich to go. I really like their rice ball.

        2. Next on my mexican list is Cafe Azteca (sp?) in Lawrence - many ch'ers rave - I'm not as much into the drink scene as the food scene but I'll keep Mexico Lindo in mind - thanks. I'm looking for a great mole' and a great fish taco.

          1. Ah shoot. I'm always so hopeful for Methuen square.

            I am soooo disappointed about Rosario's, but I'm glad you told us.

            I didn't know about the mariachi band either at Mex. Lindo....good to know...and I also didn't know about the rice balls at Casa Vecchia (I was going into Lawrence for these, and Methuen's closer, Info...nice tip)

            Lexpatti, for the fish tacos I have a couple of favorite spots. Believe it or not in Salem, NH, I had a good fish taco last week at Margaritas, exit 2 off 93. They're a chain and all but it was good...I think they recently tweaked their menu for the better. Also a big fave of mine is Marcias Mexican on Rte 1 in Wells, ME. As for mole, Cafe Azteca rocks. Last time I was there they had a great mole sauce for rice that was really good.

            Cold weather is good weather to talk food.

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            1. re: thegolferbitch

              We had the best mole in Seattle recently and my favorite mexican, Hermano's in Concord, I'm pretty sure doesn't do Mole. Thanks for the info. have to get to Cafe Azteca sooon, craving good mexican.