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Jan 31, 2007 07:00 AM

Phoenix - Valentine's Day

I just started working temporarily in Phoenix (live in Kansas City). I need to find a place to eat dinner for Valentine's Day. At this point in time, most of the nicer restaurants are pretty well booked up. I was really hoping to do something like Elements - great food with a view to match.

So, now I'm looking for alternative suggestions to the big name, romantic restaurants that have been mentioned on this board - Lon's, T. Cooks, Elements, Vincent, etc. Perhaps something fun, unique, good food, views if possible, a bit of romance, etc.

I was also hoping to maybe pair this up with a spa day for her so that she doesn't have to sit around the corporate apartment all day while I'm at work.

I'd welcome any and all suggestions. Thanks!

- Rob

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  1. A few suggestions here:

    Voltaire - Scottsdale. A hidden gem of a French restaurant that is old world in feel and style. Lots of French classics like Duck L'Orange and Crepe Suzette.

    La Fontanella - Phoenix. Arcadia neighborhood Italian. Excellent food and good service.

    L'Amore - Paradise Valley. Mid-range Italian restaurant with live entertainment.

    Coup des Tarte - Phoenix. Outstanding French bistro in a little cottage. (Although it might be book since it is very popular, but it wouldn't hurt to call.)

    My guess is finding a place with a view is going to be impossible at this time. The weekends before and after Valentine's Day are also short on places with space, which I dealt with myself.

    Do report back on where you went and how it was.

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      Thanks Seth, I'll check these out. I think I read some good stuff about Coup des Tarte. My girlfriend is going to be spending the weekends before and after with me in Phoenix as well. Guess I better start working on those reservations too!

    2. For fun and unique -- maybe Fogo E Brasa's celebration? There will be music and salsa dancing; and most everyone can fake it even if they don't know the steps. Feeding each other tidbits, dancing closely and laughing is pretty romantic. Then if dinner's there down south, I'd sign her up for a spa day at Dolce, by the Chandler Mall. Good value and atmosphere.

      If you want to stay more central, I can also recommend the Red Door spa at the Biltmore. Then maybe Coupe des Tartes, if you can get in, or I've always found the food to be very sensual and spicy at Barrio Cafe; if not the wait.

      1. Open Table has a page listing Phoenix restaurants with Valentine's Day specials. Of course, the list is limited to those restaurants that participate in Open Table -- something all fine-dining restaurants should do, but that's another conversation.

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        1. re: silverbear

          Yes, Open table was the first place I went. Most of the nicer non-chain restaurants were already booked.

          I did manage to get a spot at Vu and Fermier. Any comments on either of those?

          1. re: KCRob

            I haven't tried Vu yet, but what I've heard is favorable. Fermier is an old favorite of mine. It isn't going to be as innovative as Vu, but it's usually solid and dependable.

            Here are a few other options to consider, although regrettably these restaurants don't participate in Open Table, making telephone tag an unfortunate reality:

            Marcellino Ristorante


        2. Last year for Valentine's we went to Los Sombreros. We have reservations for the same this might not be the ambiance you're looking for but especially if you're new to Phoenix it might be something special to enjoy. The evening was warm enough last year we sat out on the patio and had a lovely evening. The menu they put together was quite nice. Here is this year's menu

          Another place you may want to try but they may be booked is House of Tricks in Tempe - again if the weather cooperates the patio is lovely.

          A few years back we had a nice Valentine's menu at Deseo up at Desert Ridge which we enjoyed...the spa there is probably pretty nice as well. We've stayed at the Westin Kierland, the Hyatt Gainey Ranch, the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass and the Pointe South Mountain and have had positive experiences at all those spas...most of them have nice fine dining options as well(particularly Kia at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass) but may probably be booked already.

          1. We went to Tutti Santi last V day and it was awesome, as usual. The chicken fiorentino is wonderful as are the escargot.