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Jan 31, 2007 06:34 AM

Lodge cast-iron dutch oven for bread?

Is the 5 quart lodge cast-iron dutch oven big enough for making the NYT no-knead bread? I really want to try making it but I have to buy a pot first, and they're FAR cheaper than enameled...

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  1. Most folks have had good success with the smaller 5 qt pots as I recall. It will fill the pot and thus gives more rise to the loaf as it cooks.

    1. I have been happier with the smaller pot in the 5 qt range over the 7.

      1. Thanks! I asked on another board but didn't get any replies... but I THOUGHT it should work. I'll order my pot asap! Amazon has them with free super-saver shipping for the same price as Target (but Target has them on back-order so I'd have to wait weeks, and I'm not the patient type...) I can taste that bread already!

        1. I use a 6-quart dutch oven (enameled) for this, but I have done it in my 3-quart and had no problem doing so. 5 quarts should be plenty of space.

          1. Alas the oven was sold out :( Maybe another time...

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              It's back in stock at the big A

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                Oooh... now I'm torn - cast-iron pot or yoghurt-maker (or some other handy kitchen appliance that I haven't thought of yet...)

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                Try a camping store for Lodge products or order directly from