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Lodge cast-iron dutch oven for bread?

Is the 5 quart lodge cast-iron dutch oven big enough for making the NYT no-knead bread? I really want to try making it but I have to buy a pot first, and they're FAR cheaper than enameled...

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  1. Most folks have had good success with the smaller 5 qt pots as I recall. It will fill the pot and thus gives more rise to the loaf as it cooks.

    1. I have been happier with the smaller pot in the 5 qt range over the 7.

      1. Thanks! I asked on another board but didn't get any replies... but I THOUGHT it should work. I'll order my pot asap! Amazon has them with free super-saver shipping for the same price as Target (but Target has them on back-order so I'd have to wait weeks, and I'm not the patient type...) I can taste that bread already!

        1. I use a 6-quart dutch oven (enameled) for this, but I have done it in my 3-quart and had no problem doing so. 5 quarts should be plenty of space.

          1. Alas the oven was sold out :( Maybe another time...

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              It's back in stock at the big A

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                Oooh... now I'm torn - cast-iron pot or yoghurt-maker (or some other handy kitchen appliance that I haven't thought of yet...)

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                Try a camping store for Lodge products or order directly from lodgemfg.com.

              3. I've made the bread a number of times in my Lodge, which I think is 6 quarts, and it's been wonderful.

                1. Forgive my ignorance. What is the NYT (New York Times?) no-knead? Can you pass along the recipe. Baking in a cast iron dutch oven sounds great.

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                      Thanks. I'll give it a try. Do I have to share it with anyone or is it OK to devour the whole thing myself?

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                        It is OK to devour it yourself, but if it is like my house, folks are standing around waiting for it to come out of the oven.This makes it much harder to be selfish.

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                      Go to Home Cooking and search for "no knead bread" and you'll get more info than you need. It's not as good as a traditional loaf, but considering it takes about 10% of the effort, it's pretty good.

                    3. Temporarily away from home (NY) I still wanted to bake bread. Found in TJ Max discounted Cuisinart 2 qt Winsor Pan that worked quite well for this bread. I think I got the pan with lid for $20- $24.


                      1. I agree with everyone that 5 quart is big enough, but Rose Levy Berenbaum has a halved recipe on her blog that fits perfectly in a 2 quart. She also raves about how well the no-knead recipe works in the Lodge cast iron dutch oven.



                        1. I double the recipe with whole grains, and make a large and a small loaf, and the Lodge 2-Qt works fine. Though, for less than I paid, I could have gotten this:

                          Incidentally, on Rose's blog I believe someone mentioned placing the pots on the pizza stone in the oven? I totally scorched my bread by doing this, it's the only time I've ever had a problem with burning it. It had to be chipped out of an enamel-coated AND the Lodge. (Though the top 2/3s of the loaves were snarfed up, regardless.


                          Anyway, I'll never do THAT again.

                          1. PS: Is there a thread dedicated to people obsessed with the NYT NNB project? Because I'm willing to take the first step and admit I have a problem.

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                              There are, easily, 25 threads, going back to the very first mentions of the no knead bread. An easy way to find them is to search for "father kitchen." That way you get all the threads, whether called "no knead", "Lehey bread", "New York Times bread", etc.

                            2. I used my 6qt one. it works great.