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Jan 31, 2007 06:34 AM

Gyu-Kaku??? friend invited me to Gyu-Kaku on Ventura Blvd. this weekend. Anything good here? I am a vegetarian, my friend is not. I am pleased to see so many veggies on the menu but I can't tell which dishes might be better than others.


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  1. Portions are absolutely miniscule- and expensive. You'll pay a bundle to be satisfied.

    1. I really like the place. I have only been to the Torrance version though. Very much like Korean BBQ but in a Japanese style. It is probably not the best for vegetarians. The focus is on the raw meat that you cook yourself. If you are the type that can't stand the sight of it or don't want any chance of your veggies being touched by meat. It is not for you.

      That said, they have lots of vegetable options and we order tons of them when we are they. They seem somewhat seasonal (a good thing IMO) so what you can get now will vary. I usually get a large order of assorted veg (onion, corn, zucchini, etc), a couple of Shishito orders if they have them, salad, kimchee (may not be veg), and a couple of the foil packet veggies (mushrooms, and asparagus when in season). These are in foil with butter and you place on the grill so they are probably your best be if you fear contamination.

      We put everything on the grill and just work it all, I suppose you could do all the veggies and then do meat after but things would get cold or try to split the grill in sections. Up to you.

      Fun times with good prices on draft Japanese beer.

      1. Thanks Beach Grub- I amnot at all grossed out by meat and don't care about sharing the grill with meat, so it should be just fine. Thanks for the tips!

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          Doesn't the sizzling meat on the grill tempt you? : drool :

        2. HAHA- no, only the myriad of fab chicken tacos in NoHo tempts me :-)

          1. Be prepared for a very noisy experience. The sound in there when they are full is deafening. Also, be sure you have reservations. We walked in a couple of weeks ago on a week night, not terribly full, was told it would be a 20 minute wait (there were empty tables) and left after 45 minutes, still had not been seated. It isn't worth it for tasty, but expensive food.