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Jan 31, 2007 06:15 AM

kyotofu wait time

Is there much of a wait for Kyotofu on a Saturday evening, say after 9pm? And is the $15 tasting the way to go here? Any recommendations?

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  1. I was there last friday, no wait at 8 but by 9:30 the front of the restaurant was filled with people waiting for tables, so I'd estimate 30 minutes or so. The tofu chicken meatballs are delicious. The chocolate cake is nothing special so I'd go with the less americanized desserts for sure.

    1. there was a bit of a wait when we went, but they let us sit in the front at the bar, which was good enough for us. We just went for dessert. The soft tofu was quite tasty. I had the cheesecake which had a great texture and definitely was not overly sweet, which was a relief. I can't exactly remember the flavor, but i do recall an almost peppery taste. Another friend had the nut-caramel dessert, a parfait, i think? It was sweeter, for sure, but still good. I am a big fan of tofu mousse and tofu cheesecake, however, so if you're not, don't order those sorts of desserts. If you are, then Kyotofu is a treat!

      1. My trip to Kyotofu last weekend:

        My photos:

        If it's your first time there, definitely get the tasting: you get to try at least three or four items on the regular menu.

        If you're not used to tofu you may not like the sweet tofu -- I compare it to an Asian flan. Also, the various fruit jellies may be odd in shape and texture to some palettes. I thought that the miso-chocolate cake was amazingly dense and thick and rich. Very decadent and perfect for chocolate fans. The rice pudding was a good, more subtle dessert, and I loved the interplay of the candied ginger with the seven spice tuile and sour cherries. The cookies were also excellent: very soft, just a little sweet, great flavors, and highly addictive. Actually, the cookes may have been my favorite thing.