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Anywhere to buy this in the East Bay?

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  1. there is a british import store in richmond that would have this, though now I can't remember where in richmond it is!

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        Piedmont Grocery on Piedmont Ave., in Oakland has an aisle devoted to Brit faves. You should call, but I bet they have it.

    1. Andronico's usually has it.
      Try it on toasted cheddar sandwiches (sparingly of course)

      1. If you can't find Marmite, you can get the Aussie version "Vegemite" not as good, find it at Cost Plus stores in the Bay Area. I like mine on toast with butter and cheddar cheese. :)

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        1. I just bought some at Cosentino's in Santa Clara

          I think they also sell it at Cost Plus .

          1. Berkeley Bowl carries it as well.

            1. It is in same aisle as other international foods. On shelf right next to Vegemite. Bon appetit

              1. How about in San Francisco? Also, how else do people eat Marmite? I'll give buttered toast and cheese a try.

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                  I've seen it at several places in SF:
                  British Grocery on 15th St by Potrero.
                  Tower Market (Molly Stone)
                  Lucca Food at the corner of Irving and 20th Ave.

                2. You Say Tomato which is on California between Lakin and Polk has Marmite and Twiglets, which are wheat sticks coated with a similar yeast extract (so addicting!)

                  1. I know you said East Bay, but I saw Marmite today at Yum Yum on Market St. (across the street from Delessio's). It was kind of funny--they usually carry Vegemite but had no idea about the "ban."