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Pizza 33

Per recommendations on this board, I gave it a whirl. And it was awful. This is not what I would even consider real pizza. As far as I can tell, great pizza in Manhattan doesn't exist anymore...with exception to Adrienne's and I can enjoy a great plain (forget the toppings) pie from Lombardi's here and again. But that's about it. Vezzo actually makes a very good pizza-like concoction, but alas, it isn't really pizza.

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  1. Which location? I've always found the 23rd/8th location a reliable slice joint but wouldn't classify it with the "better" places. Sure it's not Adrienne's, or Lombardi's, or even Kinchleys(!), but it sure beats most of the crap being passed off as pizza these days.

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      that's fair. It was the 33rd/3rd. location. And it does not beat most of the crap being passed off as pizza. It's exactly that.

      Nice mention of Kinchleys. I'll be eating Kinchleys more often now that I'm moving back to Bergen County. Maybe even this weekend!

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        I have not tried that location..and won't. Good luck with the move to the dkside..

    2. Pizza 33 on 3rd ave and 33rd street is not real pizza. Their prices are unacceptable as well.

      1. I'd say real pizza only exists in the bouroughs. Good pizza is more and more difficult to find in the city.

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          Where? Where in the outerboroughs is there a great slice other than L&B and DiFara?

          Food service delivery companies (e.g. Sysco) and American economic mobility have taken freshly made tomato sauce and Italian chefs out of most slice pizzerias.

          Go to Patsy's Harlem, Naples 45 ToGo (open at lunch) or DeMarco's for a non-food service slice.

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            Krispy in Brooklyn. Joe and Pat's, Ciro's, & Benvunitti in Staten Island, to name a few. The swill that is served in the city doesn't compare.

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              similar to Naples 45 is....Cafe Centosette on 2nd Ave (LES) it's worth a try if you are in the nabe. yummy individual pizza

          2. Actually, there's a pizza place right at the Bedford stop (L Train) that makes a damn good slice the way pizza was intended to be. Couldn't tell you the name of it, but it's better than anything I've gotten in Manhattan (with exception to Adriennes, though its a totally different species of pizza).

            1. There are many in Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst...Ninos, Ginos, Vesuvio's, et al...

              1. I like the lasagna pie at 33. When I want a margherita pie I roll the dice with tontonnos....and I would say they hit the spot 1/3 times. I like the saltiness/flavor of their pies but whoever watches the over just can't seem to cook them properly. They are so inconsistent.

                1. Ugh, I have had Pi33a at the 3rd Ave location only because my friend from Queens thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. I think it's overpriced and over-hyped. But I am a Chicagoan - I'd take a decent deep dish any day.

                  1. At 3:30 am, a baked ziti or margherita slice tastes like the best pizza you've ever had. Sensory impairment be damned--Pizza 33 has its place!

                    1. It really boggles my mind how particular people are about burgers and pizza on this board. Yes, the top pizza places really stand out above the rest, but there are a lot of slice places that have perfectly acceptable pizza. Transcendent? No. But since when does pizza have to be? My current favorite pizza is Sullivan St. Bakery/Grandaisy though. So there.

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                        i never go into a new pizza experience expecting transcendence, but i refuse to accept utter crap -- which is served in far too many places. making pizza involves more than opening a can of pre-made sauce, pouring it onto a pre-fab crust and topping it with discount cheese product. try to tell that to the folks who run most of the places in midtown, though.

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                          Especially when a place like Pizza 33 charges you $3 for the privilege of eating said utter crap.

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                          I just discovered the Sullivan St. Bakery pizza ... delicious! I loved the plain tomato the most, although the mushroom and zucchini weren't bad. Good sandwiches, too.

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                            "It really boggles my mind how particular people are about burgers and pizza on this board"

                            Well, burgers and pizza are so universally well-loved and that's why we're called Chowhounds. We don't like to eat medicore, unsatisfying food and there's just too much of that with burgers & pizza.

                            IMO, Pizza 33 is totally bad - if you can get a slice of Margherita if it's just out of the oven, that's passable. I don't 'get' their pizza with macaroni on top at all. It looks gluey and leaden and it's a double disappointment - bad pasta on top of bad pizza.