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Jan 31, 2007 03:52 AM

New Chiu Chao...111 mott street

After reading about their great wonton soup, I took out a double order the other day and was not disappointed. I would like to go back and brnch out with the menu. Any recommendations on what else to order? I heard about it here on CH and I will be adding this place to my basic C'Town list.

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  1. The beef stew noodle soup. It's very much like the Vietnamese one. The one with the mildly sweet red soup.

    The chicken curry is hit or miss. Some times they over cook the chicken hence the miss. (bo ky offers something similiar)

    The chao chow noodle is good. Either with the soup on the side or combined. If you get the flat noodles i think they toss ground pork on. If you get egg noodles they don't. If you don't like liver tell them before you order it.

    The seafood noodle soup is good too. They don't overcook the shrimp like some places. They go the extra effort to cut out the black stuff on the spine of the shrimp too.

    The soup stock for the seafood noodle and chao chow noodle is exactly the same as the wonton noodle soup.

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      I'll second the beef stew, the chao chow and the seafood. I like mine with the flat noodles.

    2. How does this place compare to other Chao Zhou places, such as Bo Ky on Bayard St. and Chao Zhou on Main St. in Flushing?

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        In Manhattan C'town, I think that this is the best. It's been my go to place for over 20 years and some of the same staff are still there. The hacked chicken, duck and pork are always good and cheap enough to share as side dishes to the soups. And they will use any type noodle with any combination of seafood, meat and veggies in the broth if you can figure out a way to ask. I usually get the mixed seafood with the thicker rice noodles and have them throw in some duck.