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Jan 31, 2007 02:54 AM

Pacos Tacos v. Don Antonio?

I have a relative from Philadelphia visiting L.A. this weekend and she likes Mexican food. I think that she would like either one of these places, but would appreciate feedback as to which one I should pick because I don't really eat Mexican food and, unfortunately, I have little experience with it. I like fresh-made guacamole and I can't recall if either have that. Which has better food is really what it comes down to. I recall good margaritas at both places. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. We like DA's, but Paco's has darn good hard shell tacos. DA's has some of the best west side albondigas we have discovered, (we almost always get a cup of it as a starter) and their refried beans are very creamy and tasty. I can't say that their enchiladas or tamales are anything special but I do like their birria, (goat or lamb) along with their chili pork verde. It's a comfortable place with nice booths and their mixed drinks seem both good and strong (after one mai tai I practically have to carry my wife to our car).

    I hope you will post your impressions no matter where you end up eating.

    1. IMHO, take her to Pacos and order the Con Queso - this comes with their flour tortillas which are made fresh by hand right in the restaraunt - these are extremily good and (although I could be wrong) unlike she's ever had in Philly - something she'd definetly remember.

      1. paco's carne asada is fantastic, especially with the above-mentioned fresh flour tortillas. i vote for paco's.

        1. I live about a 3 minutes walk from Pacos Tacos and go there frequently, and can say they do have some very tasty dishes. The Con Queso is great and I too like their Carne Asada. The flour tortillas ARE delicious, and the portions served are huge. However I think DA's flavors are better. The refried beans are fantastic, and their burritos are really good. You won't go wrong with either, but I think that DA's offers more dishes that they do WELL than Pacos Tacos.