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Jan 31, 2007 02:27 AM

Report options

When I try to report something regarding a posting, there are only three options to choose from:
-- Vulgar / Inappropriate
-- Spam
-- Off-Topic

I have to pick one of these before the site will let me enter a comment. I feel foolish picking, say, "vulgar" to report that a posting is on the wrong site. Or a duplicate. Or a restaurant promo. Or whatever. There should be at the very least an "Other" option on the pick-list, because the current three options no way cover the field.

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  1. We understand that the current options don't cover all the bases. For a post that is on the wrong board, please choose "Off-topic". Regardless of which option you use to report a post, we will read your comment, so don't worry about which one you choose. And we certainly appreciate a "heads up" on posts that need to be moved, etc.!

    1. We could add more options. Team, and hounds, what else would you like to see there?

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      1. re: Engineering

        Maybe "double post"? I report identical double posts sometimes. If they're in the same thread, they're obviously errors. If they're cross-posted to several different boards, they're usually spam.

      2. I'm not sure if this would be feasible, but I sometimes wish I could just report part of the post as offensive/vulgar.

        Sometimes fairly interesting/ in-depth reviews and recommendations include snarky attacks on previous suggestions, even though most of the post has merit. I wish it would be possible to suggest particular parts of the post be removed.

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        1. re: spaetzle

          As a general policy, we don't edit posts, so removing part of a post is not a possibility. If only part of a post is objectionable, however, we may send it back to the original poster and ask them to repost an edited version.