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Jan 31, 2007 12:03 AM

Bluebird Cafe Review and Bag ete (Culver City)

I had the pleasure of lunching at Bluebird Cafe yesterday. It's hustling and bustling with ppl ordering on the go and others sitting with a paper as if it were a lazy sunday. I had the gruyere and proscuitto sandwich and my friend had the tuna sandwich. The portions were very large (compared to other sandwich places such as Breadbar and Surfas). The gruyere and proscuitto was served panini style and the salty proscuitto was balanced with cheesey gruyere goodness melted into the bread. It was served with a side salad. I had a piece of the tuna sandwich as well, and it was tender and moist, yet not overly mayonaised. We also had a strawberry cupcake, which was very pink but good, but my friend likes Sprinkle's better, guess they have real bits of strawberry inside the cupcake. I am really looking forward to coming back and trying all the other sandwiches/soups/salads. It's a charming little place in the middle of industrial nowhere, it seems.

Bag ete opened across the street from the Kirk Douglas Theatre just yesterday. It is also a new sandwich/lunch place with stand by the table areas to eat. It's for on the go, thus called Bag (as in to go bag) and ete (as in I ate). I had the tuna salad sandwich since i was craving the one from Bluebird. It sounded delicious - with artichoke hearts, capers, tomato and the owner said it was very light on the mayo. He was right about being light on the mayo - almost a little too light - the tuna was a little dry. I liked all of the fresh ingredients, but I think the grainy loaf of bread overpowered the main elements of the sandwich. $9 for a 6 inch sandwich along with a side of your choise - i chose the cheese and fruit (3 pieces of cheese, and 6 blueberry/blackberries). I think I would give the other sandwiches a try. They accept cash only.

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  1. I am so irritated because I drove to Bluebird last SAT (would have been my first time) just to discover its not open on the weekend. Posts like this add salt to the wounds. Just kidding- thanks for the report. I will have to find some weekday to head over the hill!

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    1. re: running pig

      did the same thing on Sunday! what a bummer. Been several times during the week, didn't know it wasn't open on weekends. Went to Surfas instead (first time) - thought it was pretty delicious. But nothing beats the chicken salad melt on olive bread at Bluebird.

      1. re: ddyouandme

        I did not know that either! Thanks for the heads up. I'm surprised it's not open on weekends. Chicken salad melt on olive bread sounds pretty tasty =)

        1. re: Alice

          bluebird is great but has really wacky hours. I've even gone at times when i know they're supposed to be open and they're mysteriously closed! at those times i usually wander up to surfas and taste all the cheeses. it doesn't taste like a tuna melt, but it's good all the same.

          1. re: esculent

            Surfas owes a great thanks for Bluebird's narrow hours - we did the same a few saturdays ago. Can't imagine how many extra sales Surfas has rung up due to this! But now I can say I've tried and do like the lemon lavender bars at Surfas's cafe...

            1. re: bulavinaka

              i agree. i owe a large wedge of stilton to being jilted by bluebird at the last minute...

    2. Bluebird's around the corner from my office so I get to go a couple times a week (just picked up lunch from there today in fact). I actually really like their strawberry muffins. (I find Sprinkles' cupcakes to be rather dry.) If you like prosciutto, you should try the one with mozza, basil and tomatoes, which is also good.

      I think I'll have to try the chicken salad melt next!

      1. Meatloaf sandwich is the best at Bluebird. Saul the chef/cook is always consistent with his sandwiches. Soups are yummy too! The fries aren't that good, but who needs fries when you get a little bit of greens with your sandwich - greens keep 'ya regular!

        1. The chicken salad on olive bread melt is INSANELY GOOD! Paired with their garlicky fries, you're in for a real treat. I recently left my job in that area, and I miss this place already. Good lemonade, too.

          1. You ain't foolin', ChickeNWaffles...I've been frequenting BB 1-2/week since starting my new gig in CC, and tried the chicken salad melt for the first time the other day at your suggestion.

            Dear God, it may just be the best sammy ever!