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Jan 30, 2007 10:04 PM

Help me pick Vegas restaurants please!

First, does FIX still do a pre "O" prix fixe menu?

They'll be six of going, either in May or October, we'll likely do two 'nice' dinners and I'm interested in: Seablue, Nobhill, Fiamma, Michael Mina, Bradley Ogden, Daniel Boulud, Stripsteak, possibly Tableau.

I don't know if the others in my group would like Le Atelier, but if people here think it's a level above the other places on my list, then I might try to get them to go for it. We generally seek out a relaxing experience with great food, service and ambience. I don't about Le Atelier, might be able to be talked into trying it.

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  1. Not sure about the pre"O" show. But IMO, the food there is good but not great, it is very noisy and table too close to each other.

    L'Atelier is definitely a place with great food, if you like casual atmosphere, go for it. Otherwise, Nobhill, Michael Mina or others in your list look like better choice for fine dining experience.

    But if you pick both FIX and L'Atelier, both are casual and you don't get much of fine dining from the two.

    1. if you are favoring bellagio for one of the meals, pre- O ...michael mina, prime, le cirque/circo, picasso...of those, i give prime the nod ...i haven't been to le cirque in 2 years, picasso...beautiful, food well prepared...for me...i found it a little dull...michael mina would be my 2nd choice. as to your 2nd meal...if you do michael mina, i would not do nob about fleur de lys at mandalay ?

      1. Fix definitely still has the pre-O meal.