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Jan 30, 2007 09:52 PM

Some great cheap joints in East L.A.?

I just moved to Los Angeles and am living in East L.A., next to Monterrey Park. My roommates and I are all looking for some cheap and delicious Mexican, Chinese, Thai, American, or really any restaurants in the area to grab a quick bite here and there. I must stress CHEAP. We are three young, poor white boys living in East L.A., but we'd still like to go out and get an inexpensive meal once in a while. Thanks everybody!

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  1. Just to be a bit more specific, we live in the City Terrace neighborhood of East L.A. Thanks.

    1. The Hat on Atlantic. You can make a meal out of an order of Chili Fries.

      1. Tacos Baja Ensenada on Whittier between Atlantic and Goodrich... some of the best fish tacos in the city, and $1.49 each (99 cents on Wednesdays!). Also the ceviche and the cocteles are very good.

        Shau May Restaurant in the Garfield Lincoln Plaza, just north of Garfield and Garvey. Breakfast is $1.80, dinner is $3.50 or so... steam table food but quite authentically Chinese (You Have Been Warned).

        Banh mi from any of the places -- there's Saigon Sandwich on Garfield just south of the 10, there's Mr. Baguette and Paris Baguette and Banh Mi Che Cali all on Valley in San Gabriel. Banh mi are usually $2.50 or less, and at BMCC they're $1.75 each but 3 for the price of 2.

        1. Al & Bea's - 1st. St. West of Soto across from the post office - Mexican
          New Formosa Cafe - North side of Cesar Chavez @ Soto - Chinese
          Linda's Mariscos - Truck - City Terrace Dr. @ Hazard - not cheap but so worth it - get the shrimp cocktail.
          Otomisan - South side of 1st. st. 2 or 3 blocks East of Soto. - Japanese.
          Super Taco - South side of Cesar Chavez @ Gage - (next to Self-Help Graphics)
          There used to be a truck that parked on Wabash/City Terrace Dr. @ Forest St. that had really good 2 dollar burritos - not sure it it's still there.
          There is a killer outlaw taco cart on Gage - 1 block before Cesar Chavez on the East side of the street.
          I am intimately familiar w/City Terrace.......if you need any other tips just e-mail me personally. I probably don't have to tell you to watch your backs around there......can be dangerous at times. Great neighborhood though.
          Best local beer selection is on the North side of Cesar Chavez 1 or 2 blocks West of Gage (forgot the cross street) next to the now defunct Latin Playboy bar - it's across from the big Supermarket there.........Super A maybe?.......
          If you want to go a bit farther, there is an excellent selection on the East side of Soto @ Whittier (across the street from Tacos Michoacan 24 hours - which is good for a late night grubbing).....for got the name but it's next to the alley.....can't miss it.
          FYI - stay away from Fickett St. after 10 P.M. on wknds.

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            Why not post the tips where everyone can see them? We're hungry and impecunious too! :)

            1. re: slowrider

              What up slowrider.
              Wow a blast to the past for me.
              I used to play ball over at Wabash on Saturday mornings for years (20+) and I fondly remember eating a large campechana at the Mariscos truck on Hazard/C.T. drive and washing it down with a Bud or 2 or 3.
              Thanks for the memories.

              1. re: Pakkai

                There is still a truck that parks on Hazard/C.T. Drive.........
                they also have a restaurant........
                The truck and the restaurant are called Linda's Mariscos.
                The truck is usually there from lunch till they run out everyday.
                The restaurant is on Olympic near Ditman.
                Very Very Very good shrimp cocteles!

                1. re: slowrider

                  Thanks for the tip and I will be checking out Linda's ASAP.
                  Al & Bea's and a campechana. OOOoooooooooohhhhhh so good!

            2. HAHA- when I saw a post requesting "great cheap joints in East L.A." my mind went somewhere else entirely....but my goodness, you could eat at a different place everyday for a year and never be disappointed. I cannot remember the name of the street its on but in my meat-eating days I enjoyed Huatulches Aztecas...very filling. They don't speak English, which is a really good sign you are in for a treat. Also, I like the sandwiches at Galco's deli.