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Jan 30, 2007 07:43 PM

Chung King on Garfield, Montery Park

Tried this joint too.

The fried chicken with hot dried peppers was exceptional. Delicious saltiness of the fried up chicken bits matched by the supreme hotness of the peppers. Great, great stuff.

Also, the cold plate dish of pickled cabbage (not kimchi), cucumbers (a nice coolant), and shreed Chinese beef jerky with spices was pretty good too.

Definitely good eats and cheap too.

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  1. The fried chicken at Chung King is definitely tasty, but I found the rest of the fare there underwhelming and, actually, some of it was kind of gross. What else would you recommend ordering?

    As a counterpoint to your post, check out this review of Chung King:

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    1. re: hungrygirl106

      I think we are confusing restaurants here. The much written about Chung King was in Monterey Park but moved to San Gabriel. The Monterey Park location is home to a different business, no connection to the original even though they have retained the former/original businesses name.

      I think kevin's post is about the newer business in the Monterey Park location and I haven't sampled their cusine so I can't comment. I'll have to give them a try soon. I have only been to the original Chung King in both their former and current location and find their faire to be excellent despite the bad reviews in the blog (is that your blog?)linked above! At the San Gabriel store all of the Water-Boiled Dishes are excellent, I really have enjoyed the Water-Boiled Fish and Water-Boiled Fish & Beef. Chicken w/Chilis is good. Spare Ribs w/Prickly Ash is nice to snack on and the cold appetizers buffet is good.There are many dishes remaining that I want to try but it's hard to get past the Water-Boiled Dishes!!!

      1. re: hungrygirl106

        This link/review is ridiculous. Why would I trust any review of a Sichuan restaurant that begins by saying that the term "Chinese food is an oxymoron." Ignorant and offensive.

        1. re: banjoboy

          Oh, get over yourself, Banjoboy. It's a *food* blog; it's not like he's vilifying an entire people. Did you even read the whole review or was your post just a sanctimonious knee-jerk reaction to the opening line? Lighten up.

          1. re: hungrygirl106

            Thank you for posting this comment, banjoboy. I read the review that hungrygirl linked to her post and thought it was just outrageous. If you had a bad meal at Chung King, fine. Write about why it was bad (If they had done just a tiny bit of homework, they would've realized that they should go to the one on San Gabriel Valley Blvd.) But the ignorance of that review is not even a subject of debate. And finally, as a Chinese-American woman, I agree with the fact that the review is offensive.

      2. I was referring to the location at 206 S. Garfield in Monterey Park. I assumed that is what Kevin was referring to as well....

        1. i went to the garfield location yeah, 206 s. in monterey park.

          so was that the wrong location to go to? it seemed good to me. and i thought the monterey park one was the oringial one.

          1. Kevin-- From what we understood of the reviews in LA Weekly and the NY Times, we thought we went to the right location as well.... Who knows?

            1. See this thread concerning the confusion of the two Chung Kings: