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Jan 30, 2007 07:28 PM

Sushiyama: the Teardrop (DFW)

After seeing a couple mentions on this board, I hit Sushiyama for dinner tonight. As promised, the menu looked very authentically Japanese. However, as luck would have it, Tuesdays are $1 sushi night-- $1 for a piece of nigiri (with a couple exceptions like toro), 10 piece minimum. The pieces were on the small side, but of reasonable quality. The standout, however, was definitely the Teardrop. I ordered it without giving much thought to what it might be. Perhaps I'm sushi-sheltered, but I had never imagined, much less come across, a seaweed-wrapped morsel of finely diced, pickled wasabi plant--or so the waiter described it in broken English after I popped it whole into my mouth, cried, hacked, and whimpered. The burning sensation was evil, but it eventually faded into an almost pleasant pickle-butteriness. They really should put a warning on it. Or at least describe what it is on the menu. . .

Can't wait to return and try the ramen and the curry udon. And to inflict the teardrop on unsuspecting newcomers.

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  1. Damn. Meant to go there tonight for $1 sushi and totally forgot to. Went to the wrong restaurant...

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    1. re: kuidaore

      They also do $1 sushi on saturday night too!

    2. The teardrop is also available as a roll and packs that same punch 8 times. You better have a friend with you if you are going to try that feat.

      1. Two of my friends just got into an argument about "who can handle the spiciest foods" the other day and were going to settle the argument over a wing contest, but I think the description of the "Teardrop" may make it a more interesting contest :)

        Is $1 sushi all night Tuesday and Saturday night or is it specific hours (like a happy hour special)?

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            I can vouch for it being all night on saturday, don't see why it wouldn't be for tuesday. All else fails, you should call them and ask.

          2. re: donnaaries

            It is all night long in fact until 2AM.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. Returned tonight and tried the ramen. Indifferent. The broth was salty, but otherwise lacked any character. The noodles and fish cake were fair. Not planning on ordering it again.

              My friend braved the Teardrop; she managed to swallow about half of it, but also declared a warning or at least description was warranted.

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              1. re: vktp

                I was there last night as well. Had a spread of $1 sushi and a bowl of miso soup. Excellent as always.